06 August 2010

{05aug2010: Birthday Bash... cont}

Sorry for the delay!  It's been crazy at work, meaning early mornings and late nights.  No fun.  But now the birthday bash continues!  See part one of Remi's Birthday Bash here.  
Remi's mom had brought cupcakes for the dogs and from the first moment we got there Remi was ready to dig in!

Darwin knew there were treats to be had too.  
{are those treats for me?!}

{hurry up mommmmmmmmmm!}

{look how nice i'm sitting mom... now can i have it?!}

After a cupcake break the play time continued as did the romance with Memphis.

Some of the play even happened under Memphis!

More birthday bash pictures to come (I took about 200mb worth of pictures - ha)!


  1. Remi definitely looks like he knows those are HIS cupcakes!
    What a fun party! I like the running around playing part best of ALL!
    Ohhhh, and Darwin! I just LOVE the pix of you and Memphis sharing a water bowl!!! Sigh. You're SO SWEET!!!

  2. Thanks fur sharing the pawesome pikhs -

    Too bad woo khouldn't share one of the khupkhakes!


  3. Whew, I'm so glad there was cupcakes! I was getting a little concerned.

    woof - Tucker