24 August 2010

{24aug2010: Camping... lake time}

After heating up in the sun, we headed over to Cooper Lake for a hike and to dip our toes in the water.  The campground area was pretty crowded so we followed a trail around the edge of the lake to see how far it would take us.  We thought maybe it would take us around the whole lake, but after we reached the bottom of the lake the trail was less defined and trying to navigate through branches and weeds got to be a little too much.
Darwin had a blast at the water.  We'd walk along the trail and take breaks along the lake so she could get a drink.  Everytime we'd go down, she'd get a case of the zoomies, and dash from the water up to the trail and back again.  

She's still learning how to play with a frisbee.  So far she likes to dig at it and then bite it til it breaks apart.
Even though it was HOT out, the water was still freezing!  But I did dip my feet in for a game of tug.
It was beautiful at the lake, the only problem was there were TONS of flies and mosquitoes.   They wouldn't leave Darwin alone and she was only willing to chase them for so long.  I felt bad for her so we packed up our things and headed back to camp where Darwin and I could hide from the pests in our tent.
This picture cracks me up, because you can see where Dar's pushing the tent with her nose.
We even had nap time.  Darwin was funny and kept pushing my head off the pillow so she could get her head on.

Despite the flies and mosquitoes, we had a fun, relaxing time.  Hopefully we'll do it more than once next year!


  1. Wow Darwin, what a fun adventure. I'm impressed with you and your tent. I tried tenting once last year and someone shot fireworks off so I went crazy barking. Thankfully it was a test run in the backyard so I could go inside.

    Zoomies in the water are my favorite.

    woof - Tucker

  2. the lake is so pretty! darwin looks like she was having fun!!

  3. Your campsite looks amazing! We just got back from camping, but ours was not quite as beautiful. I like the lit collar idea...we might have to look into that for next time.

  4. What views!!!

    Of khourse, we did have to stop and skhratch!


  5. We love to go camping and that looks like such a beautiful spot.

  6. It's beautiful there! Looks like you guys had a great time! :)


  7. I tried to comment last night and Blogger wouldn't let me!
    You look SO HAPPY in those water pix, Darwin! You must have had such fun camping!

  8. Yeah, those annoying skeeters and horse flies also kept bugging Remi when we were camping. I used some Skin so Soft mostly on his rump and that seemed to help. Next summer, I might try Advantix.

  9. what an awesome trip! That water looks spectacular! I'd love to try camping with Honey but we neither of us are the "outdoorsy" type! :-)

    Yes, I've read Book 1 in the Girl With Dragon Tatoo series - Paul's read both 1 and 2 and he loves them. I have to admit, I enjoyed but I wasn't as mad for them as most people seem to be. Must get around to reading Bk 2 sometime!


  10. Darwin...you were totally in my neck of the woods!! We were just up there last weekend but didn't camp. :) Hope you had a blast!