19 August 2010

{18aug2010: mostly wordless Wednesday}

Impromptu play session edition.
During one of our walks a few weeks ago Darwin made a new friend with a 1.5year old Golden puppy and a Collie.  They had a short play session in a random front yard of some house (the owners of the house came outside to watch the play session for a little while).
The owners of the Golden kept making remarks about how good and well behaved Darwin is (their Golden kept running in the street - not a busy street - and Darwin kept on the sidewalk for the most part). 



  1. Isn't it so fun meeting new dogs on walks. It's good that Darwin is so well-behaved.

  2. What fun to make new friends!!!

  3. It was like watching ME play with woo!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  4. That is very calm play compared to what I've seen you do recently!!!!!

  5. Nothing like a great impromptu play session with new friends.

  6. I will forgive the Golden's owners for their lack of information. They don't know Darwin yet!

  7. BARK! Thank you for the healing words. Mommy tried to give me some orange punkin stuff, but I did not like it. I kept turning my head away from her, and was quite upset when she mixed it in my food, so ignored it. Mommy sell Pampered Chef stuff and does this thing with hoomans called "power cooking", cooking a lot at once. So last night she made enough chicken and rice for me to last a long time. Hopefully I will feel better soon. BARK! Sasha the Princes

  8. You're such a good gurrrrl Darwin, growing up all nicely and well bahaved (we're sending STINKY your way ok?)!

    How's the hacking gurrrl?

    Hey, my last comment I meant to ask if you guys would be around in Seattle. Because we will be down there for the weekend for PAX (that big video game thingy that D-Guy has been dreaming and twitching about in his sleep). So mum thought maybe we could meet up at Marymoore or something?? She says she will be bringing STINKY too (oh doG....). I will also be seeing the doctor that looked at your boo boo back (when it was boo booing). Mum trusts surgeons and specialists in Seattle way more than our one and only specialty clinic here. Both my knee surgeries were down at the Surgical Clinic of Seattle (mum: and I paid duties on them crossing the border!!)

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade