31 August 2010

{30aug2010: reunion}

It's been a while since we've been to Marymoor after Darwin's bout with kennel cough, which she seems to have picked up from the Dane Outreach event we went to earlier in the month (we've heard a few of the other Danes that went came down with the cough too).  We got a late start when we headed out there yesterday, but it turned out to be great timing.  As we were halfway through our first lap, we ran into another blue Dane.  I saw his collar and knew right away it was a Greenbelts collar and that this was probably Darwin's brother, Kona.  And it was!

He was really healthy and happy.  It's been a few months since the last time Darwin and Kona saw each other, but they had fun playing bitey (and barky) face.  Kona's a barker when he wants someone to play with him, and Darwin's a barker when someone barks at her, so there was a whole lot of barking going on.

It was kind of funny because to everyone else walking by who heard these two, they probably thought there was a dog fight.

We chatted with his mom for a bit and she showed us some of his new tricks (he actually rolls over... Darwin would never).  Hopefully we'll see him again soon!
After we left Kona, we ran into the rest of the Dane group and Darwin made a new friend with a big blue 16 month old boy, Megatron!

It's funny, when we first met the Marymoor Dane group last year, Darwin was the youngest and one of the only blue Danes, and now there are a lot of younger pups and a lot more blues.  Just yesterday at the park there was Darwin, Kona, Misha, Megatron, and a baby girl puppy (who's name I'm blanking on) and usually there are a few more too.  


  1. What great bitey barkey game pikhs!

    Thanks fur sharing such a fun time!


  2. Those pictures look like they're having a great conversation. It's always so funny because people think those sounds are fighting, but we know that's just how they play. We call it the evil Chewbacca voice.

  3. You seem to be having a great time showing off your toofers to each other. I bet you had a lot of catching up to do. Yuh, some humans get scared when they see full sized doggies being rowdy. Oh well.


  4. darwin must have so much fun on these outings! i've never seen so many great danes before your blog! :)

  5. What FUN! You two look like you're singing a duet together while you play! I'm so glad you got to see each other!

  6. LOL those pictures of Darwin and Kona singing are so hilarious!! Those are very big and wide moufs!!

    Glad your cough is better Darwin. Now are you ready for ME??? (and STINKY unfortunately)

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade