27 August 2010

{26aug2010: ndd}

It's National Dog Day!
Go and spoil your favorite canine companion!

I also came across this petition via Twitter trying to encourage hotels to remove their restrictions based on size.  Having a Dane and trying to travel with her doesn't give us as many options for hotels compared to if we had a  Chihuahua or Pomeranian.


  1. Oh, I wonder what fun things we could do today!??!
    I think it's terrible to discriminate! :(

  2. Yay National Dog Day!!!
    Oh and thanks for sharing the petition, I am going to pass it around. I moved from ND to WA with 3 big dogs (and 1 little one!) and we had the worst time ever trying to find hotels! The number of dogs I could understand, but it was the size that they were concerned with, they wouldn't even let us separate them in different rooms. I don't really understand the reasoning there, little dogs do damage too!

  3. happy national dog day!!!
    off to go sign the petition now :)

  4. I don't understand the dog size restriction thing. Sometimes it's even the bigger dogs that are quieter and don't even bark.

  5. Dog restrictions are stoooopid! If I can carry a purse I should be able to go just as many places as a pup that can ride in a purse.

    woof - Tucker

  6. Ooh, I had no idea that it was National Dog Day! How nice!

    Great blog! Darwin, you are a handsome guy! I love your collar; it would look great on my blue boy!

    Army Wife . European Life . Two Great Danes