10 August 2010

{09aug2010: Dane Outreach}

Our local Dane rescue group, Dane Outreach, had their annual Great Dane Education Day and we were able to get out there this year.  Some of our Dane friends from Marymoor were at the event.  And we got to meet Lindsay, Bess and Heffner's mom, who made the drive up from Oregon with Bess to do a couple demonstrations too!
{Bess & Lindsay and our Marymoor friends, Hank Ali & Parker}
There were a bunch of presentations varying from training, choosing a pup, emergency kits,  agility, and Lindsay did a great presentation on ball exercises and core work outs for Danes.  It was so cool!
Right before the agility demo we headed outside with Darwin to give her some space and let her stretch her legs a bit.  While we were out there our friends Hank and Parker came over and Darwin and Hank got some play time in.
Seeing Darwin and Hank play reminded us of when Darwin was a tiny pup and was playing with Hank at Marymoor.  I remember thinking how big Hank and Parker seemed compared to 4.5month old Darwin, and now she's almost as big as them (ok, they will always be big boys compared to her, but there's no way she can sit on Hank anymore).

Lindsay took Bess through the agility course which was fun to watch.  Darwin didn't like when Bess would jump through the tire or crawl through the tunnel and kept barking whenever it happened. 
The best part of the event was when Lindsay showed off her ball exercises with Bess.  So cool!
Ok, that's not a ball, but it is an inflatable air mattress that does require some balancing.  Before the demo, I got Darwin to take a few steps on it too!
Lindsay started with a flat inflatable disk...
And then added a block for more balancing. 

Then she swapped out the block for another disc.

Next was a big pill shaped ball.

And then the grand finale, was a giant round ball that she got Bess to stand on!

So cool!  Before we had gotten to the event I was telling Jason what Lindsay was going to be showing, and he totally didn't believe me, saying "I'll believe it when I see it."  By the end of the demo he was very impressed.  Now I want to go out and find a flat disc to exercise Darwin with!
Lindsay has videos on their blog showing her train Bess and Heff to use the balls.  If you haven't seen them before it's totally worth it to watch.  I mean how often do you see giant dogs on giant inflatable balls?! 


  1. How khool!

    Mango RH had some of those on his bloggie last week - akhtually, PeeWee was ON them too!

    Thanks fur sharing your DANE of a great time!


  2. wow! What a great event! You are so lucky to have met Lindsay & Bess!

    I am still in shock over your first picture though. You are SOOOOO brave to be sitting next to that giant inflatable dog! I would NEVER be able to do that!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. WOW! That looks like a GREAT day for GREAT Danes. :)
    I love the pix of you playing with the boys!

  4. That looks like a very cool event!

  5. I'm sad because I don't think I could stand on those balls like that! :)

  6. Oh man! Now you have put the idea in momma's head that I should do therapy ball. I think that therapy air mattress is more my style.

    What fun to have a special event just for danes. I never knew there were striped danes before.


  7. How fun to have a Dane day! Darwin, you were so cute sitting on your friend when you were a pup! That ball thing is cool but the big one seems kind of dangerous to me...YIKES! That doggie who got up there sure is brave!


  8. Re: People at the park. The same thing happened to me. So I blogged about it. The guy had two big poodles and they would not leave Jack alone. I almost had to call the police, but I decided it would be best if we just didn't go back to that park in the mornings.

  9. It was really great to actually meet you guys in person!!! You took such great pictures! And sorry about Bess being so rude when she met Darwin! It's a little something that we're working on.:/

  10. This is SO COOL!! Now I want to get one of those therapy balls for Honey!! :-)