07 August 2010

{06aug2010: Birthday Bash... cont}

See part 1 and part 2 to catch up on Remi's Birthday Bash!

The play time and the romance continued the whole time we were there.
{can i have my friend back?}
{sorry remi... we're in loooovvveeeeee}
A new dog showed up and tried to work his moves with Darwin, but she wasn't interested in any of his shenanigans.
Her boys even came to her rescue. 
{wahhhh what are you doing to her?!}
{there'll be none of that at MY party!}
{ha ha ha ha!  my boys told YOU!
{now where were we?}
{come on bud, let's leave the two lovebirds alone
Since it was Remi's party his mom let him have another cupcake too!
After Remi's cupcake break it was back to play time!
Darwin has very little tolerance for being in the sun, so every opportunity she gets she'll hang out in the shade.  Memphis took notice of this and the two of them would hang out in the shady areas together.
{whatcha doing up there Darwin?}
I had errands to run after the party, so we gathered our things and said goodbye to Darwin's new boyfriend.  She wasn't too bummed out though because we left the party with this:
A doggy bag goodie bag... and one of the best things in it.... 
A bully stick!  It was the perfect thing to entertain Darwin when we got home, because while we were out finding her a new love interest (and celebrating Remi's 1st birthday), Jason was at home steam cleaning the carpet!  When we got back the carpet was still soggy, so we had to hang out on the balcony and with her new party favor she was happy to hang outside for a while.
Thanks to Remi's mom for inviting us to a great party!  We'll have to head to that dog park again so Darwin can be reunited with her boyfriend! 


  1. You seems to have had a great birthday! Happy belate birthday!!!

  2. That looks like just the BEST birthday party! It was sure very sweet of the boys to look after you when that one puppy tried to get a bit ... familiar with you! And look at Memphis chilling in the shade with you!!! How sweet is he?!?!

  3. that is just too funny! darwin just gets all the boys! ;p

  4. What fun for everyone and thanks so much for sharing with all of us. I love the idea of the goodie bags, too cute!

  5. I loved seeing my bro stick his tongue out to get his cupcake...what a cutie! Also, good job for those boys sticking up for your honor Darwin! ;)


  6. OMD that was one party! Soooo cute Darwin with her boy. It is funny how some dogs connect like that. Yes, I know another Darwin but it is a boy. He is a big guy but still bet he would look small next to your Darwin!
    I have been soooo busy lately I have really fallen behind! It was great seeing what you have been up to though!