08 October 2010

{07oct2010: amazing}

Vinny is an amazing dog!  

ps. still keeping an eye on Darwin and it's been a full day of her standing around waiting to be picked up.  She would sit/lay down for a couple minutes, and then get up and stand around the middle of the floor staring at the gate.  Poor girl.  At one point I thought I saw her playing with another dog, but I think I may have been mistaken and it may not have been playing...


  1. I may have missed this post--is this Darwin's first day at doggy day care? I wish I could send Bogart to one for playtime, but unfortunately, he doesn't always get along with other dogs. :(

    Oh, I think I see a bulldog in that 2nd picture, and it definitely looks like he's playing in that last one.

  2. woah. that dog is a genious!!!

    maybe darwin just needs to get used to it?

  3. Thanks for the Vinny Love video. It was just great, and watch the second one as well, the training she had to do. I love these brilliant little dogs. So cute and quick to learn.

    I would just turn off the Daycare thing for a while and let Darwin learn by himself. I bet he will be just fine in a week or two!

    Stella and Jo

  4. Wow!! Vinny's video was soooo cool!!!

    I'm just training my puppy Snoopy at the moment, he's learnt a few cool things, but it looks like we have a long way to go, Vinny is so clever!

    You made me smile

  5. Vinny IS amazing! I love how his tail never stops wagging!
    Darwin.... I hope something works out for you about Daycare that will make your tail wag!

  6. We always wonder what our pooches do at daycare, but I bet if they had a webcam, we would never get anything done and we'd just be glued to the screen.

  7. You know, daycare just isn't everybody's cup of tea. For full sized doggies all that action can be a bit too much. My Beautiful Raja liked daycare, but she spent the whole day snuggling with the humans and yellling at doggies who ran too fast. Me? I could stand it about 10 minutes and then I would be done!


  8. I wonder why she doesn't like to romp as much in the daycare as the others? Our dane spent his first daycare day on his feet -- LITERALLY the entire day without ever sitting or lying down. He played so much that when he got home he ate and slept 'til the next morning. Day 2, he crazily romped with the other pups, but eventually did lay down for a few moments of rest. It's always strange to try to figure why one dog is more social/outgoing than others, but I guess that's true with people, too! I'm sure Darwin will come around.