06 October 2010

{05oct2010: day with the big dogs}

Day one of the sleepover went over well.  After all the excitement of the day, Darwin curled up on the couch and Friday curled up on Darwin's bed (at least someone knows what a doggy bed is for) and we all hit the hay.  
On Sunday, Jason woke up early to go in to work for a bit and so I hung out with the dogs catching up on Project Runway (man what an emotional episode that last one was) before we all headed out to the park.  As I was trying to watch, the girls got restless so I called Jason and told him to hurry back because the pooches were ready for park time.  Somehow it always seems that Darwin knows when it's Sunday (Marymoor Dane day) and is super hyped up to go.  
{Fridaaaayyyy, play with meeeeee}

{Okay Fri, how about this one?!}
{what's wrong with this chick?  can't she take a hint?!}
{okay fine... one game of tug}
While they were having fun, they were also getting a bit loud, so I stopped the game and made them rest till Jason got back and we could head out to the park where they could be as loud as they want.
In the fall, Marymoor park gets these wood chip hills delivered to be scattered for the pathways.  Darwin loves these wood chips hills (as do a lot of the dogs) and is always quick to run up to the top.
{I'm the queen of the hill!  Friday you're missing out!}
Friday used the bathroom, and as some dogs do, kicked up the ground around it to cover it (is that why dogs do that?) and in the process kicked up bark all over me.  
{sorry aunty brooke}
The girls had a blast at the park the rest of the time, making new friends and playing with old friends.
WINSTON!!! Winston is the husky who thinks he's a Dane.  He always manages to find the group (at least a minute or two before his parents do) and loves to play with the big dogs.
{Friday and Parker}
After the park time, we gave Friday a bath so she would go home nice and clean and then headed home for nap time til it was time for Friday to go home.
Darwin was sad after Friday left, but was happy to have all our attention for herself again.


  1. Oh I love the photo of the LONNNNNGGG Darwin!

    woof - Tucker

    Pee S. I think the kicking is a marking technique.

  2. I see the sleepover was a success. Momma thinks doggies kick their legs to release scent in from their feet. Whatever. It does sometimes cover up poops and saves momma having to pick it up.

    I love those big hills. They must smell great!


  3. Thanks fur sharing Winston and Parker!

    BTW, that's how my mom's ankles/feet/pant legs look too -

    I think Mango's Momma is khorrekht!


  4. That does look like a nice, spacious park. And I love like you really did have Project Runway on in those photos...

  5. Hi Darwin,
    sorry if it is a long time since I last came to say hi but my internet connection is really driving us all crazy...
    Really happy to see you are having such a good time, you always meet so many friends!!!!
    Take care
    Ciao Lucille

  6. hey Darwin - so great with sleepover, sounds and looks like great times :o) the kicking I am told is a way to spread ones odeur and thus tell the world I am A Big Shot! Bundy does that often too...

  7. Sounds like fun was had by all! BTW -- no, Beth doesn't pose Ozabella and I -- we just like to have our pics taken....

  8. so cute! i didn't know dogs like to play in woodchips!

  9. What FUN! I'd want to hang out with the Danes, too. I love tall puppies!
    PS: Our mom said that we do the kicking sometimes after we potty to celebrate. You know - like football players doing their touchdown dances? :) Like that. Hee hee hee!