12 October 2010

{11oct2010: Oktoberfest}

A few weeks ago we went to the annual Fremont Oktoberfest.  Sunday was Dogtoberfest, the one day dogs are allowed at the festivities, so we made sure to be there.  I had talked to Remi's mom a few weeks early and they were running the brew-ha-ha 5k so we knew we'd see each other down there.

We were bad dog owners and didn't take Darwin to a park first to wear her down, and so when we got there she was a nut!  She was good walking on her leash, but very hyped up especially when we saw other dogs.  It was embarrassing (note to self, always tire Darwin out before going some place social) to be "those" dog owners with the seemingly out of control barky dog.  
Remi didn't mention it in his blog post, but when we saw Remi, Darwin went crazy!  It was quite a scene, and so we quickly parted ways with Remi and his parents, and went to find a table we could sit at to let Darwin take in all the activities from a distance.

Darwin did get a lot of attention from people walking by.

And even got some funny glances.

After hanging out for a couple hours, she finally calmed down and was able to greet other dogs without barking at them.

She even managed to ignore this cute Australian Shepherd puppy hanging out at the other end of the table from us.

Darwin even eventually LAID DOWN OUTSIDE on the grass.  She never does that!

Since she was behaving herself we thought we'd let her taste some beer and clean up any spills.

What started as a rough outing (sorry Remi!) ended up being pretty fun and we learned a valuable lesson... a tired dog is a good dog.

**just found the official Oktoberfest image gallery and there are a couple shots of Remi and Darwin!  Go to the Dogtoberfest page and you can browse the fun pups that were there.


  1. Dear Darwin -

    Woo will eventually get the humans trained!

    The Aussie khutie doing the froggy puppy was SO sweet!

    I'm glad woo had fun!


  2. That looks like such a great time! I know what you mean about behaving around other dogs. Jack will be wonderful until it's someone that I can tell is wary of him and then he forgets that he is supposed to be a good boy! :)

  3. Looks like fun!! The Aussie pup is adorable!!

    Erin - Texas's Mom

  4. so much fun. i love things are so dog friendly. they need to work on that in hawaii!!!

    loooove that last pic of darwin! hilarious!

  5. Darwin, it's ALL about the attention (and snacks). You scored!

  6. I love how they have a special event just for the dogs. Sometimes our dogs are embarrassing too. Like when Miss M gets excited she talks like Chewbacca except it sounds really scary and makes her look bad. I love that photo from the site--too funny!

  7. Oh, what a fun looking event! I must say - I think you're awfully brave and very good dog owners to take your Dane to an event like that. I'd be worried about taking Honey even if she is generally calm & well-behaved - I just find the crowds of people mobbing us and the close proximity with strange dogs (some of which don't have as responsible owners) can be very stressful and so most of the time I'm selfish and go to such things myself so I can actually look at stuff & not have to worry about supervising Honey all the time! She attracts too much attention and I like a bit of anonymity! :-)

    Hey - what did Darwin think of the beer??!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane