05 October 2010

{04oct2010: it's my party and I'll cry if I want to}

So Darwin hosted her first slumber party this weekend with her bff, Friday.  Friday got dropped off early Saturday morning, and surprisingly Darwin was pretty calm about it.  I thought she would've been barking trying to play with Friday but they were both quiet and Friday quickly found a bone to entertain herself with.  After feeding the dogs breakfast we headed out for a morning walk.

Our first stop on our walk was to the hardware store to drop off lightbulbs for recycling.  While Jason ran inside, Darwin and Friday got a drink of water.

Next stop was Macrina Bakery for breakfast goodies for Jason and I.  There wasn't a good spot to tie the pooches up outside, so I sat out on a table with them while Jason ran inside.  

They were both really well behaved while we waited, so on our next stop they got a special treat!

We stopped at the butchers for steaks for dinner and apple wood smoked femur bones for the dogs.

While I was buying our meat the guy behind the counter saw Darwin staring intently inside at me and asked "how's Tiny?".  I said she was a big baby, and he said he could tell.

We also stopped at the grocery store to get veggies to go with our steak and headed home.  After that 3+ mile walk, both girls were pooped!  It was perfect because we had a 1st birthday party to attend and we knew they would sleep through the time we were gone and we didn't have to worry about any incidents.
When we got back we geared up for game time (Jason's a huge ND college football fan) and Darwin let Friday borrow her bandana so everyone could be dressed appropriately for the game.

Because game time is a serious event, I gave the girls their bones so they could keep busy.

Friday, like a normal dog, devoured her bone.  Darwin, like the princess she is took her sweet little time eating hers.  When Friday was done with hers, she went over to see how Darwin was doing.  Darwin was finished and got up and came in, but as soon as Friday walked over to see how Darwin did on her bone, Darwin started whining because Friday had her bone.  I tried to give Darwin Friday's bone, but she was not interested.  She wanted her bone back.  Finally Darwin found an old bone and settled down with it, while Friday finished off Darwin's original bone.
The highlight of the night was when Friday was done gnawing on her bones and got up with the bandana flipped up over her head.
Day two of slumber party weekend coming up!


  1. What fun evFURRYone got to have!

    PeeEssWoo: Sorry there weren't any horses and apples!

  2. What good doggies! I love how Darwin is staring so intently at the meat store. It's like she knows what yummy treats are in there.

  3. What nice pups! A tense moment or two over a bone, but otherwise a good time . . .very good you pups.

    What kind of leash/harness affair does Darwin wear? It looks like it would work better than the one we have now. Thanks for any info.


    Jo and Stella

  4. Wow what an awesome time the two had!
    Applewood smoked bones - that sounds gourmet compared to our run of the mill beef bones!
    I love the pics of the days adventure.

  5. aw, doggie slumber parties! so cute! your area seems so pet friendly!

  6. That looks like such fun! I wish I had been there, too!
    You two sure walk nicely together!

  7. Aw...what a great party! You're so lucky to have your BFF with you, Darwin - I've lost all my BFF's since we moved from Auckland...:-(

    I loved the little story about the bone - ha! ha! And my human was amused to see all the towels your humans put down for you to try and keep the floor clean...she does that with me too but I ALWAYS move so that I'm chewing the bone off the towel and covering all the carpets with bloody slobber! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane