15 October 2010

{14oct2010: Furry Tail}

If you didn't know (and how could you not, after all everybody who's anybody knows Twinkie!) Twinkie is holding a Furry Tails photo contest at her blog.
Here's Darwin's sashaying her booty around for the world to see.

{heyyyy are you checking out my booty?!}

If you haven't entered the contest yet, head here to show off the junk in your trunk!  You have till midnight on Sunday!


  1. Great tush Darwin!

    Woo know how to work it furry well too!


  2. Hi, girlfriend :) The long lost Twink here. I thought the least I could do was leave a comment saying that all the photos will be up today. I got your lovely and elegant derriere shot! I'm also getting a blow up at Kinko's to remember you by. BOL. thanks for entering and spreading the news. I'm completely MIA from blogs and comments lately. I can hardly find the time for my own posts and of course the contests.
    Lots of xos and good luck!