13 March 2010

{12mar2010: reunited...}

... and it feels so good!
We're back and Darwin's back too!  
She had a rough start to vacation.  When we dropped her off at her mom and dad's we noticed her ear was bleeding... somehow at some point during the week a chunk of her ear got taken off and we never noticed.  We had found some random blood spots around the house and couldn't figure out what it was or where it came from.  Then when we dropped her off and she was playing with her dad I noticed her bloody ear.  We all quickly wrangled her to clean it, and it seemed like an old wound (what awful parents we are to not have noticed it earlier).  Poor girl.
We checked up on her a couple times while we were gone and things were going well, though she had picked up a few more battle wounds from her mom. 
{after the big battle between Misty and Darwin, they all cuddled up on the couch}

Tom brought her in yesterday and she was one scraped up pup!  Lots of little scrapes and scabs and a couple bigger ones too!  She was totally worn out after 2.5 weeks of constant play (and some fights) and actually slept a little in the office (she never sleeps when she comes in).
You can barely see it from this angle, but right behind her shoulder there's a white bald patch... that's her big battle wound.  I'll try to get a better picture later.
While we were out walking her at lunch we noticed she was walking funny... her back legs and hips seemed to swing funny.  Jason and I were slightly concerned so we took her over to the vet after work to get it checked out.  
After the vet watched her walk, and palpated Darwin's back legs and spine she thought it could be compressed disks.  So she took Dar back for x-rays.  They had to sedate her to get the shots they needed and it looks like it could be compressed disks in her spine but they will have to have the x-rays checked out by a radiologist to confirm.  We'll hear back from them by Monday at the latest.
For now she's got a couple of pain meds and on a strict no playing/running/jumping/rough-housing plan for 2 weeks unless the radiologist thinks otherwise.  The vet offered sedatives if we need them to keep her mellowed out for the next couple weeks.  We'll see how it goes.
We took her home and she was so sad.  She was loopy from the drugs and would whine if we weren't right at her side.  The drugs made her so out of it, she had a couple of pee accidents while laying on her bed, and she didn't even seem to notice.  Heartbreaking.  This morning when we woke up she was back to her usual self and even went to inspect her bed.  She sniffed it a few times and seemed to be confused as to why her bed was dirty... we'll have to find a laundromat that can fit her giant bed in their machines.
I'm so glad we have pet insurance.  It made it so easy to say, "yes, do whatever you need to do to find out what's wrong with our pup." without having to think "can we afford this?".  It'll be our first claim to file with trupanion so we'll see how it goes, but I'm positive it should be a breeze.
So, while we were looking forward to some fun park days this weekend to get back into our normal routine, it looks like we'll be laying low for a bit.  It may be time to bring out the brain game again and stock up on raw bones!


  1. Battle wounds aside that pic on the sofa is adorable! Sorry about her back troubles. I hope it is something that will heal on its own. Is there a chance surgery would be required? I have never heard of compressed discs. Poor girl! Moose is always a mess for quite awhile after sedation. One time after xrays he wandered, drooled, cried and stared off into space and that went on for 12 hours. The next time we went back I told them that whatever they did last time was too much or not good so they used something different the next time and he was much better. If you have to go back for more work (paws crossed that you don't) I would tell them about how she reacted because there are other meds they can use! It is very stressful seeing them in that state :-(

  2. Huh! Poor Darwin. The patch was quite visible in the photo but she sounds rather scraped up. I guess she comes from a family of rough playing pups. I'm glad you mentioned the insurance too. We should all take your advice and follow suit. While you were gone, I posted something and I wanted to make sure Darwin gets to look at it now that she can't play hard: http://twinkietinydog.blogspot.com/2010/02/darwin-does-la.html
    xoxoxo Get well my furiend. I don't like what I hear today. and please give us the update on the xrays

  3. We just switched over to Trupanion. Let us know if there are any problems. One of our dogs is locked into PetCare and it's kind of shady.

  4. So sorry to hear about the troubles. We have Duchess on insurance as well just for that very reason. Please keep us posted - our thoughts are with you guys.

  5. Oh no! Give Darwin lots of lovin' from Nala and I! That is awful but we do hope it turns out ok and she is back to normal in no time! I bet she was SO happy to have her parents home. :)

    Amber & Nala

  6. Awwww...that sucks! I hope everything heals quickly. I usually end up with new scratches after a couple days at daycare, but compressed disks! Dang! Glad the sedatives work, since we just did the 2 weeks with no activity thing and know how challenging that can be. Best of luck and we're all sending Darwin positive healing vibes (even the katz!)

  7. Oh no Darwin! I'm so sowwy to hear about everything. I hope you are back to 100% fast. Mia and I wil be crossing our paws for it!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  8. Poor Darwin. Did the vet give you directions for glucosamine and MSM? They should of. You can give anywhere from 1500 mg - 3000 mg of each a day for her. I'd stay closer to the 1500 mg but the extra won't hurt. Our vet recommends the human grade cause it's tested more and less expensive. I'd check with your vet first though.

    Bag Balm will do wonders on her scrapes.

    Feel better Darwin!

    Pee S. I've got insurance too, just in case.

    woof - Tucker