17 March 2010

{16mar2010: oh crap}

(skip the next paragraph if you're not up for a poop story)
We came home from work today and as we approached the door Jason said, "why does it smell like poop?".  I told him to keep his voice down in case it's the neighbors cooking.  We walked in and what did we find?  Poop... 2 piles in the kitchen.  Seems like the Rimadyl was making her have diarrhea.  Gross.  At least she did it on the tile floor and not on the carpet in the living room.  I took her out again where more poop came out, this time with a little blood in it.  So we called the vet to tell them about the diarrhea and the blood, and they told us to stop the Rimadyl, bring in a stool sample and they'll switch her medication.  Hopefully her fecal float test comes back negative for any worms or any other problems, we'll hear from them in the morning.  Oi.  
So Dar is on Tramadol (still) and she now has to start taking Metronidazole.
We're still hoping her walk will stop looking so gimpy and the W word will be ruled out.

In less poopy news, I must say our blogging friends are the best!  Besides all the fingers and paws that are crossed for Dar and the well wishes coming our way, our blog friend Nala sent Darwin a get well gift!
Darwin was quite eager to get at what was inside.
A piggy bottle buddy, Zukes treats and a sweet card!  I was trying to take pictures, but Darwin really wanted to play with her new toy... 
 {ooooh, I love it, I love it}

Thank you Nala and Amber!  Hopefully Darwin will heal up soon and be able to have a play date the next time you guys are back in Seattle!!


  1. That khan't help but make a girl feel LOTS better!

    Nala is a furry nice furiend!

    Paws khrossed fur the change in meds to help with 'issues'

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Oh major bummer! Rimadyl is tricky stuff. Two of our dogs have had the exact same reaction. Zero fun.
    It would have been damn funny if it had been your neighbor's cooking!

  3. Hi Darwin & Brooke!

    thanks for wagging by my bloggie-- luv your baby pic on your header. that monkey must have shrunk:)
    hope your new meds are working.. got to get out and enjoy the spring time!


  4. OK, I have had the poopy problems a couple of times so we can appreciate how, um, dramatic big doggie poop in the house can be. I sure hope your new meds agree with you and make you feel better.


  5. Keep us posted on Dar's condition. Hope she's feeling better with her new toy! Take Care!

  6. Oh Darwin...you are a good girl for going on the tile! I got sick like that once but I went right on the carpet and then I went upstairs to hide from it and from Mom and Dad when they came home. ;) They weren't mad though but they did let me out immediately and then bought a shampooer. :) Anyway, I hope the new medicine works and the stool test comes back ok. I am SO glad you liked your piggy toy!

    Lots of love,

  7. Isn't that the worst? At least he's smart enough to contain it onto the tile. When Mr. B. has accidents he's nice enough to try containing it on the doormat while Miss M. is running rampant and it gets everywhere. Hope he feels better soon!

  8. We sure hope you get feeling better!!!!

  9. I sure hope the new medicine agrees more with you Darwin!

    At least you have a new pawsome toy and some treats to take your mind of everything.

    Rest easy dear friend!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  10. The neighbors' cooking BOL I've heard that some of us don't do well on Rimadyl. Sorry, Darwin was on that list, but because you took her in so fast she'll be fine. Good news for the carpet too.

  11. Well at least she went for the tile. Duchess prefers the carpet it seems. What a nice bloggie friend to send a get well gift - glad she's enjoying it!

  12. Yes, Great Dane diarrhea is the worst. Remi tends to get diarrhea and walk all over the house while it comes out, leaving us a wonderful trail to follow with the carpet cleaner when we get home. Not fun. I hope the new meds help and Darwin is feeling better soon!