22 March 2010

{21mar2010: Spring!}

It was the perfect weather for the first day of spring yesterday!  Sunny clear skies and temperatures in the high 60's!
{Ahhh, the sun feels sooo good!}
Darwin is still on bed rest, but it felt like a shame to stay cooped up inside on such a beautiful day, so we took a walk up to Jason's favorite coffee shop near our house so we could sit outside in the sun.  
We walked slowly and stopped for a short rest/photo-op at a school along the way...
Darwin still has a big toothless gap between her front canines and her back molars (which you can see in some of these pictures) (we asked the vet about it when we were there last and she said she's never seen that before, but it just may be normal for Dar) and it makes the perfect slot for her tongue to hang out of.
I love spring in Seattle... 

We got to the coffee shop and got to sit on some chairs outside and enjoy the nice warm sunshine.
We brought along an apple (with peanut butter) for Darwin to snack on while we had our tea and coffee.
{mmmm, that was delicious}
When we take Darwin out (to work, to the bar, to the coffee shop, anywhere) she doesn't seem to be a fan of sitting or laying down on the ground like a normal dog, so she'll stand the whole time, or do this:

Yes, in typical Dane fashion she's sitting on my lap.
While we were there this guy biked up and Darwin was fascinated by what he was carrying in his basket.
{Mom, what is it?!}

After a few sniffs and lots of face licking (by both dogs) Darwin was enchanted by this little guy.
{Let's play!!!
Of course, no playing was allowed, and soon it was time to go.
The walk there was a bit longer than the 15 minute walk Darwin is allowed, and it was obvious when we were a few blocks away from the shop that her butt was starting to sway a bit more than when we started out.  So instead of risking tweaking her back anymore walking back home, Jason made the walk home to get the car and then came and picked us up.
Of course that was yesterday, and now the weather is back to mid 50's and overcast. Booo.  Oh well, I'm at work anyway, so I'm glad it's not as beautiful a day as yesterday!  Hope you all had a great weekend with your pups too!


  1. Oh, Darwin - you're growing up into such a beautiful young lady!!

    Am glad you got to go out for a walk, even if it was a short one - I'm sure just sitting and watching the world go past was lots of stimulation!

    About my "tummy rub" command - Hsin-Yi knew that it was important to teach me to roll over on the side, especially for the vet, so she started when I was a baby puppy and just whenever I was lying down, she would come over and rub my tummy. This would usually make me roll over to the side to get more rubs - coz I love tummy rubs! - and while I was rolling over onto my side, Hsin-Yi would say "Tummy rub!" - then later when I got older, she would actually say the command first before she started rubbing my tummy and I would do it because I loved my tummy being rubbed. She also started testing it by showing me a treat and giving me a command (always asking me to do a Down first) and then seeing if I would do it for the treat, not just for tummy rubs - so that I understand the action of rolling over and lying on my side, even without any hands rubbing my tummy (coz you know us dogs can't generalise well). She hasn't actually taught me the "Bang!" trick yet where I have to lie down on my side from a standing position - because we haven't really had any reason to use that trick and it takes me AGES to lie down as it is so it wouldn't look like a good "death"! Hee! Hee! So she always asks for Down first (by the way, "Down" for me means both legs out to one side, not tucked under me - the former is more relaxed, the latter means I can jump up at anytime and isn't so reliable - I have a different command for that, called "Mat"). Only once I am Down with my legs to one side, then it's possible to roll me over onto my side flat. Since I know the command well now, my humans use it also for some things I don't like so much - like lying on my side for them to cut my nails - but I always get treats afterwards, so I don't mind so much. And I still get the command for nice things like real tummy rubs to balance the few times I have to do it for yucky things.

    Do you like tummy rubs? I think most dogs like tummy rubs! So your human can start at times when you're very relaxed (and already lying down) - if she rubs your tummy gently (even just from the side, if she can't reach much) - you will probably lean over to one side to let her rub it more and she can very gently push you over to lie flat and then rub your tummy lots in that position, so that you really love it. If she does this a lot (eg. in the evenings) - then you still start to love it and anticipate it - you may even roll over onto your side as your human approaches you! (that's what I do) - and then she can start putting a word to your rolling over action - and then after doing it lots and lots again, she can try asking for it BEFORE she gives you a tummy rub - so that your reward for doing it is getting the tummy rub - you'll probably do it! Of course, it's a long way from that to doing it somewhere scary - such as a vet's office - generally, if us doggies are not feeling safe & relaxed, we won't roll over into the vulnerable position of showing our tummies - but if you can practise lots with you human - and try it in different places once you get good (not just in your house), then you can gradually learn to do it in harder situations. The main thing is they mustn't rush you or try to force you onto your side, coz then you''ll resist and panic and never want to do it!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Oh Darwin, so glad you got out for a little walk...it was a beautiful day on your side...I was there at my Nanny's. :) My parents actually were in Seattle on Saturday...they went to Buca Di Beppo's for lunch to celebrate my Grampi and their niece's birthdays....she wanted to go there. :) Then they went to the camera store. Bummer they didn't bump into you. That apple looked so good...what a clever idea! Well, glad you had a fun day and glad your Dad went back to pick up the car. ;)


  3. Looks like a fantastic day! Oh, and I like the new blog layout.

  4. I'm so glad everyone got to go out and enjoy the sunshine. I can't imagine how hard it is on you not being able to take Darwin out on her normal walks.

    You did the right thing going to get the car! Very good mom and dad!!

  5. That is SOOOOOOO our kind of 'warm' weather!

    Thanks fur sharing it with us!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  6. Every time mom protests that she needs her lap back, I'll show her your photo Darwin. I think your tongue's side action is too cute and adorable. Mwah!

  7. Looks like you had a fun day! :)


  8. Beautiful pics of a beautiful day! I am glad you got out and about and glad you got a lift home once you were tired. Did you get a new collar? Maybe I have just never seen it up close. It is beautiful! Girl doggies have the best accessories!

  9. O dear, I'm sorry to hear that you are sore Darwin!! I hope that you get better soon and that it doesn't turn out to be the scary "W" word! I'll keep my paws crossed for you! :)

    It looked like you had a nice spring stroll though - its coming into Autumn here, so its nice and crisp when we go walking and I don't get to hot!


  10. That is good for you to take a peaceful walk and stretch out your leggies. It is physical therapy. And you were very good and not bouncy.

    I sit on momma's lap like that sometimes too.


  11. Hi Darwin, i don't like to sit on the hard ground either - its too far down. I prefer Momma's lap too.

    You were good on your walk taking it easy - I got all bouncy on my leash this morning, Momma isn't impressed. The medicine is just making me feel so much better.

    woof - Tucker

  12. Seattle looks beautiful. I've never visited, but I always guessed it would be filled with nature, coffee shops, and intrigue via bicycle. We are still waiting for some nice Chicago weather, but once it comes there will be plenty of outdoor dining and walks. I'll just live vicariously through Darwin for awhile...

  13. I'm glad you got to get some fresh air Darwin. It stinks being on playing restrictions. and you are smart, why sit on the ground when you have a perfectly good and available lap!
    I like how you think.

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  14. Hey there Darwin
    It's good to see you up around and walking! That coffee shop looks nice and friendly and it's wonderful that they allow poochies there. Mom says she just loves the blossoms...they must smell beautiful!
    Take care...look after yourself too!
    Lotsalicks and lotsaluv

  15. Luv the pic with your tongue hanging out. Glad you got to enjoy the Seattle sun while it was out!

  16. Woo - what a great tongue hanging spot.