27 March 2010

{26mar2010: marmaduke}

Is it really going to be as bad as it looks?!


  1. BOL most likely. And you know the worst part? The shelters will be overflowing with Great Danes... Hopefully because of the bad economy I'll be proven wrong.

  2. Kind of like a train wrekhk - I khouldn't not watch...

    Sadly, Twinkie is khorrekht - just like Snow Dogs and 101 Dalmatians...

    PeeEssWoo: I did see some of my kind!

  3. The good thing is maybe people will know I'm a great dane now.

    woof - Tucker

  4. Oh dear! I am just a sucker for any movie that showcases the wonderful training that they do with the actor and actress dogs and I actually found myself smiling and laughing during the "dance" sequence. Sigh.

    So, yeah, I will watch it (on DVD) and hope for some nice extras about how they made the movie.

    I agree, though, that it is always sad the way people think the dogs in the movies are the same as just any old dog they might buy. I would love an actor dog movie all about a dog who gets trained to be in movies, but I guess that wouldn't have the big audience appeal.

    Mango Momma

  5. Darwin,

    That movie looks all kinds of pawsome.

    Guess What?! I got a shiny award thingy for you! Come check it out on my bloggy!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  6. BOL....I can't wait for mom to rent that movie...I don't know it looks like fun to me...I'll be barking up a storm and mom was already laughing at it. Some mindless entertainment is always good.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  7. It will probably be horrible, but we'll definitely have to see it just because of the Great Dane and the fact that Fergie's voice is in it. :) If the Vampire Wife gets a ginormous purse do you think she can sneak Duchess in to the movie?

  8. Oh no! Ditto on what Twinkie said and just like with Marley and Me I don't like the idea of making life with an ill-trained dog look comical when in reality it is dangerous for the dog. Plus it makes it easier for people to tell themselves their dog is un-trainable when really they have not tried and when it is not funny anymore it is off to the shelter! :-(
    PLUS I absolutely hate when they make animal's lips move when they are 'talking'! Many movies have just had the voice actors talking and you could easily follow the 'conversation' and the people actors could not hear but other doggies could. That is a lot closer to reality anyway since I am sure they 'talk' to each other in ways we don't understand. Anywho... I don't think I could sit through that (though I admit I loved the comic strip when I was little!)