14 March 2010

{13mar2010: updates}

First off, thanks for everyone's comments and concern regarding Darwin's injuries!  We're on day 2 of trying to keep a 13month old puppy as nonactive as possible and so far so good.  I'm not sure if she's just plain pooped from 2.5 weeks of nonstop play time with her parents or if she just isn't that comfortable to be a bouncing nut, but she's been pretty good about just spending her time laying around and mouthing her toys.  She hasn't been as nutty (yet) as we were worried she'd be so let's hope she keeps calm herself and we won't need to get sedatives from the vet.  
We're waiting to hear back from the vet once they hear from the radiologist to get an official diagnosis... should be today or Monday.  I don't think her back/spine injury is too much to worry about.  It should heal on it's own as long as we keep her resting... the vet did say she if she did not recommend we restrict Darwin's activities the worse case would be her disks would get more out of line and could lead to surgery or paralysis.  Eek!  I ration her injury out to be similar to a case of whiplash I had a couple years ago, where a sudden crash just threw her back out of whack.  We'll keep you all updated on the vet's call and how things go with Trupanion.

Second update has to do with Darwin's brother Kona

In my last update of him, Kristie (mom of Darwin's other brother and playdate-mate, Boo Radley) was taking him in to foster.  Well after a month and a half of socializing, training, and getting him neutered, Kristie was able to find him his new forever home!!! And doubly good news is that his new family is a coworker of Kristie's husband, and we'll still have playdates with him and meet-ups at Marymoor!  Yea for happy endings!


  1. Here's wishing all the best for Darwin. I hope she gets completely better as quickly as possible!

  2. Great news for Kona and waiting to find out about Trupanion when you get that figured out. I am worried about Darwin's back, but that's because of my past. Just let us know she's totally fine, kk? Thanks :)

  3. Yikes for sure about the outcomes of further rough housing! Take it easy sweet Darwin and get better! That is great news about your brother too. :)


  4. Get better soon and what a great story about Kona!

  5. Oh Miss Darwin, I am very worried about you. Us big doggies have to be so careful with your joints and spine. I hope that you will be able to rest and get better. It will be hard for you. Keep us posted.


  6. I hope she is feeling better soon! Thanks for visiting my blog, I answered your question there on the post about Teddy.
    And what great news about Kona! That is wonderful!

  7. oooh we wishing that she feels better soon

    El'bow & Hauwii

  8. Darwin,

    Rest easy my dear friend. I'm so glad Kona found a forever home. That is always great news to everydoggy.

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia