31 March 2010

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Whew. What a relief!  Thank you to everyone for all the well wishes and crossed paws for good results!
We dropped Darwin off in the morning, and by 3:45 we got a call from the neurologist with the results.  He said her spine looked totally fine and there was no evidence of compression, but the radiologist picked up on some abnormal tissue growth between her T10-T11 vertebrae... sometimes it's called a "kissing lesion" in horses.  
So while it's NOT WOBBLER'S(!!!) it could be meningitis and he's running some tests on her spinal fluid to see if that's what's causing her pain.  He'll be calling tomorrow with those results. 
If it is meningitis (Wobbler's research stops here... meningitis research picks up) she'll be treated with 9 weeks of antibiotics and Prednisone.  The vet tech also told us if the tests don't show meningitis, they may still treat her for it, because they weren't able to get a spinal tap on her lower back where the problem seems to be and they had to take it higher in her spine.  
They she also may need physical therapy or water therapy.

When we went to pick her up, they took us to an exam room to go over the results of the MRI, then left to go get her.  Once they got her out of the back, she bolted straight for the front door.  The vet tech thought she was just skittish and "drunk" from the anesthesia and tried to carry Darwin's rear (she hates that) and eventually Darwin just  squatted and peed in the lobby.  Poor girl.  She was whining and pulling to get outside, and all she wanted to do was use the bathroom!
Now that we're home she seems to be doing better.  She ate dinner as soon as we came in (she couldn't eat anything after 10pm last night) and is now chewing away at a raw bone.  She has waves of drunkenness and neediness from the drugs, but other than that she seems to be fine. 
I'll post pictures tomorrow of all her new shaved spots... I may start calling her Patch... I just wanted to let you all know the results and say a big thank you for keeping her in your thoughts!

It's not wobblers!!!


  1. Oh, you know I've been waiting for this post! So, good news and uncertain news. Hmm. It sure would be reassuring to know for sure what is going on. I'm so sorry Darwin had to go through all this. I'm sure my furiend didn't enjoy peeing in the lobby either. Poor sweetie. May this be over asap! I'll be thinking of you, Darwin.

  2. Whew! that is a huge relief but hope that whatever it is heals fast and we'll continue to keep our paws crossed for that! Moose was whacked out on anaesthesia and did the same thing only he pooed in the lobby! About 3 ft from the door I was trying desperately to get him to. He was soooo out of it he was not trying to get there because I don't think he knew where he was!
    Thanks for updating us so soon!
    Moose + Momma

  3. that's excellent news compared to a Wobbler's diagnosis!

    extra wags, wiggles & slobbers

  4. SO glad it's not wobblers!! Meningitis....hope it's not that either but at least it sounds treatable. Is it contagious? Will she have to be confined? Poor thing needing to go pee? Nala got sick once and we were at work so she couldn't get out. I bet she was clawing at the door so hard and felt shameful when she had to go in the house. Poor things...hope Darwin is feeling ok now.


  5. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!
    Excellent, excellent news :D :D
    Not that meningitis is the best thing ever :0(
    But it certainly sounds like she will get better from it with the right treatment :0)
    go and giv her a big cuddle from me :0)

    Darcy's Mumma

  6. That is great news. Hope that you can find out what to do to get Darwin back to good health. That sleepy medicine can make you very confused for sure. Just eat and relax, OK?


  7. Oh Darwin - what a huge relief!! That is such good news - I'm so happy for you! Your humans must be feeling such a huge weight off their shoulders!

    I hope they find out properly what is wrong with you, so they can stop the pain and you can start to get better!

    Get lots of rest!

    Honey the Great Dane



    Now then, hoping that you get back to 100%....SOON, VERY SOON!

    Wags and woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  9. That's the best news Darwin! I'm so glad.

    woof - Tucker

  10. Great news.
    Your blogging friends have been waiting to find out Dar...goodness you had us worried mate. Good Luck with the rest. Menengitis sounds awful, but at least you can get treated.
    I think the patches are cool dawg, your going to start a new trend!
    xx Major

  11. What I relief I'm so glad it's not wobbler's take care of that baby girl and keep us posted on how she is doing.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane