27 March 2010

{26mar2010: finally Friday}

Darwin got an Easter card in the mail this week from her Grandma and Grandpa VB.  She was very excited about getting her own mail and held onto it for a while.
After a while she turned to look at Jason like, "now what do I do with it?"
After much discussion and going back and forth we came to a decision on what we want to do for her.  We were initially leaning towards the wait it out and rest her longer option with a visit to our chiropractor.  Instead we decided we'd much rather know if it is (or isn't) Wobbler's as soon as possible and decide on our steps forward from there.  So we've got her MRI scheduled for next week Tuesday and hoping for the best!  
In the meantime she's getting tired of the bed rest and the short 15 minute walks aren't really doing it for her... I've brought out the cupcake pan brain game which she's getting much better at, and I've been looking for other options to entertaining her that don't involve tugging or a squeaking toy right in my face.

Many of you have commented about looking into getting a ramp for Darwin for the car and Moose's mom gave some good points about getting her trained and comfortable with one before she really needs one and we agree!  So does anyone have suggestions/recommendations on where to find a good sturdy ramp for a 100+lb doggy?!  


  1. Oh I wish you were closer and I would let you use mine. Ever since Jack figured out how to jump in a car, it's just sitting in the garage.

    We got ours at PetSmart. It was about $100.00. Be careful when you're using it, as they seem to be able to catch your finger when they close!

  2. You can find the ramp at most pet stores. We got ours from Petco. You can shop around for prices. I watched the older game too and loved it. So sorry Darwin's lifestyle's so cramped. Poor baby! I hope you share the MRI news asap because you've gotten us real concerned. How's Wednesday? Will you have news in one day? Sure hope so.
    Thinking and crossing my paws for my beloved furiend. Mwah, Darwin

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm glad that you have Trupanion and that you are covered for your MRI - Where do you live Darwin? Let me know how it turns out -

  4. Good lukhk with evFURRYthing -

    Mom says she's with woo: better to know now -

    Great use of the CUZ!


  5. Hey Darwin! Here is a link for the ramp that I have. It is the only one that holds up to 300 pounds. I am still learning to use mine.



  6. Hi Darwin :0)
    I have been away for a few days and so I'm just reading up on all your posts :0)
    I'm guessing you are about to have your MRI.
    So we're thinking of you and crossing our fingers for a good result.

    Darcy's Mumma