09 October 2009

{60 days old}

We work in a great office.  I mean, how many work places would let employees bring in 5 day old puppies and take time out of the day to feed them and watch over them for weeks.  On this day the office threw Jason and I a surprise puppy shower!

We thought we were just having a potluck lunch for the start of spring, but it turned out to be for us!  Food, gifts, balloons and even a giant Darwin... which she had to inspect for herself.

She got this cute personalized cookie from Three Dog Bakery.

And a bunch of other fun toys.
One toy that our boss gave her was a rubber squeeky porcupine.  We took it home and set it out for her to play with.  Her initial reaction was hilarious.  Take a look:

 She loves all her aunties and uncles at work and still has and plays with most of the toys she got that day.


  1. I dont know whos more spoilt with love, you two or the pup... gave me the warm fuzzys thats story... how cool are your workmates...

    then I fell over laughing at you girl sneaking up on that toy and pouncing. My two were instantly alert at the sound of Darwin...

  2. Aww...your humans at the luckiest humans in the world to work at a place like that!! And that video is just gorgeous, Darwin! I used to be like that with new toys too. Hey, your hedgehog looks a bit like my bean bag!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Welcome to blog land. It is so nice to see a full sized puppy. I wish you lived here. We would be great pals.


  4. Cutest video! Ya' gotta stop with the cuteness.

    Doesn't Darwin ever do bad things?

    Hoover BPD

  5. OMD that is hilarious! She sounds like a squeaky toy herself in that video. Does that toy have a forcefield around it? Sometimes things in my house have forcefields around them that my momma can't see and then she laughs at me! We are very behind on bloggies but hope to catch up today!
    p.s. my Momma's real office allows dogs but she won't take me anymore because I woofel when she steps out even to go down the hall and she does not want to ruin it for the other dogs that are allowed there. If I had gone since I was a puppy I would not bark but it is a very strange place to me.

  6. WOW, where do you work? What a great place and amazing co-workers! :) I want to work there. ;)