06 February 2010

{05feb2010: first!}

Darwin received her first first birthday present yesterday from her blogging buddy Remi!!!  He's such a sweet guy!  
I brought the gift home and set it on the counter and headed to the bedroom to change clothes for our walk*.  As I was in the bedroom I could hear her in the living room whining and whining and crying... she saw the gift on the counter and knew it was something for her.  Remi must have sent kisses on the contents of the present because she was a complete nut job wanting to get at it!  I convinced her that she could open her present after our walk, but we had to leave the house.  Finally she agreed and we went out for a good hour long walk.
As soon as we got home, she had some water and was ready for her gift.
I made her sit for it, and the let her at it.  I had taken a peek in the bag and knew the contents beforehand, and so I thought she was going to go straight for the goodies inside.  NOPE.  Ms. Paper shredder had to enjoy the whole process of opening her gift which included shredding the bag and the tissue first.  
In fact when the treat fell out of the bag, she didn't even notice because she was so into the bag and tissue paper.
She finally saw the pink stuffless flamingo and heard it squeak and that's all she wanted.  
Then she noticed the treat and that's all she wanted.  
She kept herself occupied for two hours devouring her new treat!

Thank you  Remi for helping Dar celebrate her first birthday!!!  She loved the treat and LOVES the pink flamingo!

This weekend should be tons of fun.  Sunday we have a birthday party/reunion planned and so far about 7-8 of her siblings are going to meet up at Marymoor park and their doggy parents too!  It's going to be complete chaos of blue danes and friends!  Can't wait!
If any doggy blog friends in the area can make it, we'll be at meeting at Marymoor around 10am!  Can't wait!

*Darwin finally in the last month or so has been less of a scaredy cat and willing to go on walks!  Real walks further than a two block radius!  We're so proud.


  1. Go, Darwin, go you daredevil you! I wanna hear you've mastered your walks and that you're loving them :) I can't believe you demolished that enormous pizzle stick.

  2. Ahhhh, that Remi always picks out great pressies! I hope your birthday is as sweet as you Darwin. How fun to get to share it with your siblings. :)


  3. Oh Dawrin I'm so jealous. Bully sticks and a squeaky stuffie, what a lucky girl your are.

    woof - Tucker

  4. Woo - that seems like a whole lot of torture time before you finally got to open your own present. What a great birthday present.

  5. Glad you like the gifts. I figured a grrrrl would like a pink flamingo. The other thing was a bison pizzle (same as bully stick, but bison) and I LOVE them. I wish we would meet you at Marymoor, but I have my last obedience class (of my intermediate course) today at 11:15 in Tacoma. Drats!!! Are your pawrents doing the superbowl thing tomorrow? If not, maybe we can meet up at Westcrest?

  6. ok...so I'm still learning to read correctly. Mom just told me you're party at Marymoor is Sunday at 10:00, not today. Cool. I've never been to Marymoor, but we will definitely try to make it.

  7. Ah hour walk!! Very good Darwin. You're helping everyone get all the exercise they need!

  8. Happy Birthday Big Girl! Just like a 1 year old to play with the package more than the toy! They look like awesome pressies though once you discovered them! Have a great weekend!

  9. Happy Birthday Darwin...you are such a smart doggie knowing that that pressie was for you on the counter. I usually know if something is for me as well...it's cool that you are a paper shredder as well...mom can give you all her personal documents to shred as well. Ha Roo!! Oh and was that a Bully Stick you received?

    AARf Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  10. Happy B-day

    that flamingo looks SUPER FUN!!!

    El'bow & Hauwii

  11. Happy birthday Darwin! Was fun seeing you open your present!