16 February 2010

{15feb2010: weekend review part 1}

I'll have to break this weekend up into parts because that much went on.
Friday night our friends invited us (and Darwin) over to their place to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  Before we headed over I gave Darwin her Baby Rocket and Hootie.

After a quick play session with her new wild boar we headed out.  
Darwin was really excited to visit her bff Friday.  We got there and Darwin had to play with every single one of Friday's toys.  Eventually they got into a game of tug.

If you noticed in the video, there was a Christmas colored felt ball on the ground.  After Friday was done tugging, Darwin still wanted to play more so she picked up the felt ball and headed over to Jason to play.  He picked up the ball and was tugging with her and was getting up in her face to egg her on... at the same time BB grabbed her tail that was swishing in his face and she turned quickly to see what was going on... in an instant BANG.  Darwin's quick head snap turned into a head butt onto Jason's eyebrow bone and split open the skin just under his eyebrow.  There was a bit of chaos with the running to the bathroom while trying to not get blood on their white carpet and trying to figure out just what happened.  After a rinsing it off and applying some pressure to it, we decided Jason probably wouldn't need stitches, but a healthy dose of Neosporin and a band-aid should suffice.  
Here's what it looked like Sunday night:
Darwin thought cuddling with dad would make things better.
Quite an exciting start to the weekend!


  1. Wait....white carpet? Someone with a puppy has white carpet? :)

  2. oops!

    I gave Momma a fat lip a couple months ago. That is one of the pleasures of living with a big dog!

    woof - Tucker

  3. It's ok, Jason. Our hu-dad was wrestling with Nikita many years ago and Nikita swatted him across the eye with her paw - no intention of harm, just in the heat of wrestling. Our hu-dad had to go to work the next day and explain that his dog clocked him with a right hook and that is why he had a black eye.

  4. Oh Darwin, I hurt my Dad ALL the time...in fact, every day. He'll forgive ya, me promise. I'm so wild I sometimes take his feet out from under him, um, jump up and hit him where the sun does't shine (if your a human...ours see the sun, but I digress), etc...Your daddy will be fine, proomise. Looks like you had a GOOD TIME, me bro!

    Irish Love,

  5. Darwin, cuddling always makes things better! :) One day I was playing fetch and tug with dad. Well somehow he was bending down and I was jumping up and I got him right in the eye. He had a black eye for a few days too!


  6. Black eyes and fat lips are a sign of l-o-v-e. I hope dad wears his proudly. I'm sure the cuddles help, keep them going

  7. Owwwiiie! Moose split my lip so bad one time I thought I would need stitches. Luckily not but still, not pleasant and totally shocking and confusing for a few minutes...
    Glad he is ok!