20 February 2010

{19feb2010: break}

We'll be on a blogging break for a bit as Jason and I are going on vacation! 
Darwin will be hanging out with her doggy daddy and mommy and some of her favorite people!

On a completely non-dog/non-blog related subject I'm curious on people's takes on the iphone.  I have a blackberry now and am tempted to switch to the iphone.  Anyone that's used both and have an opinion on it?  Thanks!  :)

See you all later!


  1. Hope you guys have a great time! About the phones - I looked at those mentioned and opted for the Palm Pre. Mainly because the people I know that have iPhones here gripe about the coverage and speed and I like the multi-tasking that it can do.

  2. My momma has a blackberry, but she has total iPhone envy. She says get one if you can!

    Enjoy your holiday.


  3. Hi Darwin's Mommy,

    Kasha's mom here and hubby and I just got iphones about 3 weeks ago. Originally only hubby was getting one but then once I saw what all it could do I just had to have one. WE LOVE THEM!! We ask ourselves why we didn't get them earlier.


  4. Okay, you may go, but promise us lots of pictures when you get back. Speaking of photos, the iphone takes decent shots if you don't have your good camera handy. My M is torn too between a blackberry and an iphone. All I know is she has an iPhone but she calls it lots of bad names.

  5. Have fun and about the iphone....my husband LOVES his and keeps urging me to get one too. :)


  6. iPhoner here. Check the AT&T coverage in your area (or where you think you may need it). I love it for the web capabilities but the coverage can be lacking at times!

  7. Have fun!!! :)

    I just got the Droid about 2 weeks ago and I love it! My friend with an iPhone loves it, but he said the Droid is much faster.

    Mochi & Mommy