04 February 2010

{03feb2010: brothers!}

Yesterday's playdate was extra special for Darwin!  Besides getting to play with her brother, Boo Radley, she also got to play with her other brother, Kona!  
Kristie picked up Darwin from our office as usual (she's the best) and we got to see Boo.  He and Nala seem to be suffering from the same malady of broken toenails (as you can see his wrapped foot in the pictures).  He broke/twisted his nail last week at the last playdate and has been bandaged since.  
Over at Kristie's house Darwin and Kona hit it off from the start.
Darwin of course had to establish her alpha dominance over him first:
Then it was play time!
Poor Boo was left out a bit as he followed around with his tug toy hoping someone would play with him!
It rained for a while, and when the sun came out, those two were at it again!

We got to meet Kona when we went to pick up Darwin and he is one big boy for sure!  Kristie's working on basic obedience with him (his recall is lacking... which we learned when he decided to stroll down to the neighbors house) and putting him on a diet.  But he's totally a cutie and didn't jump up when we met him. 

Speaking of Kristie and Kona, we are trying to raise some funds to get him into his new home with the best start.  Here's Kristie's message: 
Please help us with our Kona Home fundraiser. We are working on a new home for Kona, Boo Radley's brother, and we need some help with expenses to help him go to his new home, such as neutering, a giant... crate, obedience lessons (he's a doll baby but has no manners) so his new owner can control him, etc. If everyone we know donates as little as $5, it will go a long way toward getting Kona into his new home. You can PayPal your payment to danegrrl@gmail.com, and get a photo "thank you" note from Kona. Thank you so much!


  1. Darwin, you are so lucky to have playmates! I thinks I can give up a new toy purchase and donates the $5. I'll have Momma do it this weekend.

    woof - Tucker

  2. It's always fun to see two puppies playing together!!

  3. Hi Darwin,

    It's so great you get to play with your siblings. I'll make mom make a donation for Kona to find a new home soon.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  4. Thank you for the family sharing photo session, Darwin. Momma's in charge of donations and remembering...we donate a lot and we forget a lot too. Let's see how we do on this one.

  5. Hi Darwin, the pictures are great. You're lucky to get to play with other Danes - I have to play with all smaller dogs and they all run too fast!

    Your friend,