18 February 2010

{17feb2010: Moose}

After Twinkie's visit to the PNW we decided maybe Moose needed to come up for a visit from the Florida Keys, afterall (I think his name is)Clive could be his long lost relative.
When he first showed up at the park, I think he thought we were going to a costume party because this is what he looked like:
Or maybe his mom just thought he'd be cold coming up from sunny Florida to rainy Seattle and this was the warmest thing Moose had on hand.
Poor guy.  We quickly got him out of his outfit so he could go run with (I think his name is)Clive and Darwin.
He quickly went up to (I think his name is)Clive to see how he sized up next to a real dane/lab mix to see if maybe he has some dane in him.
While Moose is a tall guy, I don't think he was quite as tall as Darwin and (I think his name is)Clive.  
Once that was settled it was time to play some ball. Luckily Moose brought his own ball to play with.
No matter how much he tried the other two to play with him though they were too obsessed with (I think his name is)Clive's green cuz. 

Moose was starting to miss his mom and the warmth of Florida, so we packed him up, costume and all, and got him on the first flight back on Pet Airways.
It was a super quick visit so we'll have to plan for another one in the future!


  1. BOL that is awesome! Yes I sent him in his cow costume so he would not catch cold but he was horrified and is most grateful that you let him take it off!
    He had a great time and I really must find pics where he shows his (i think his name is)clive-ness! Funny thing is he even had that same green cuz but all the pics I have of him he is blurry (bad sony camera)!

  2. BOL you're at it again. Are you going to leave any of your furiends alone? Don't don't I'm just kidding. Cracking up here too. Great (PS) work shhhhhh

  3. What is Moose doing now? I think that is actually a great dane costume as one of my dane pals looks like a big cow too. So he was really just trying to blend in.


  4. Why is Moose wearing a cow costume???

  5. Ha ha, love the costume! Looks like a great time! :)