13 November 2009

{12nov2009: who would she be}

Diamond's family just played a game of "who would i be".  You basically pick a famous person that reminds you of your pet.  We actually played this game when Darwin was younger with her and her bffs, Friday and Juneau.  We based our game around the idea of if the three girls were in a sorority, who would they be.  Here's what we decided on:

Friday is the older, serious sorority sister, more mature, less inclined to party all night, always a look of concern on her face, more likely to stay at home reading (or chewing) a book rather than get wasted at the frat house.  She'd be the mom of the house.

She'd either grow up to be a librarian or Hillary Clinton, opting for a pant suit over a mini skirt:

Juneau on the other hand would be the young party girl, tons of energy and always looking for a good time.  She's quite the ham and loves posing for the camera.

She would be Kim Kardashian.  And like Kim, Juneau is sensitive about her behind.

And finally Darwin.  Darwin would be the spoiled baby of the group, who loves to play but loves attention more and acts like a princess.  

She would be none other than Paris Hilton.

Who would your pet be?!


  1. That's hilarious - I know Friday and totally see that Hillary/pants suit comparison!

  2. I love that picture of Darwin! I can't believe that she would be Paris Hilton. Man, I thought mine was bad. lol!

  3. We never thought about it before. Love Darwin's face and her ears. What a sweetie!
    Woofs & wags
    Ernie & Sasha

  4. So giggling... Chelsea would be novelist Alice Walker... Shilohs more your Woopi Golberg

  5. Oh dear, Miss Darwin, I am not sure I picture you as a blond. But that sure is a fun game.


  6. Darwin, i barely know you but say it isn't so...NOT Paris Hilton! nooooooo!

    and i didn't know you had a sister named Juneau!
    you have a pawesome pack!
    wild dingo

  7. Paris, really? I don't know if I see it or not. :) Who's a super whiny celebrity...that would be me. :)