01 December 2010

{30nov2010: sad story}

Came across a sad local story about a dog who was electrocuted when he stepped on a metal plate during a walk on Thanksgiving.  You can read the news article about Sammy here.
His owner, Lisa, started a blog, Sammy's Big Heart, to help spread the word about the dangers of stray voltage.  From reading her blog it seems that there were other occurrences, though neither as tragic, on the same block, one happening just the day before.
What's scary is that we know that area and have walked down that very strip of sidewalk before.  I don't know how I would handle it if that happened to Dar.  


  1. It was such a sad and skhary thing to read -

    We are so proud and touched she's made this Sammy's Legacy -


  2. This is so sad, and scary. Something happened awhile back here in Chicago. It happened to one dog with a stray wire in one of our major parks. The second one was a stray wire in an alley near our house. It's just really scary.

  3. That was a scary story and so so sad. I feel so bad about Sammy's mom.


  4. wow so sad and scary. Thank you for sharing. I never paid attention to stuff like that before.

  5. omg! so sad, heartbreaking, and super scary!!!

  6. This breaks my heart....I read about this a couple of days ago. What a freak thing to happen...poor family. My heart goes out to them. Keep sweet Darwin safe...I don't think I would handle something like this very well and since I read it I don't allow Nala to sniff lampposts anymore. :(

  7. What an absolute tragedy ...our thoughts are with Sammy's owner and her terrble loss.

    Stay safe Darwin.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  8. That is truly scary...
    Please be very careful...
    Ciao Lucille

    PS: i will come back soon to see what you have been up to in the last weeks...

  9. We've heard of that before, but never leading to a death. There were several episodes in the Washington D.C. area of dogs walking & getting shocked due to loose or defective street light electric wires running under or coming in contact with metal plates in the sidewalk. Once it made the local news, the city actually fixed the problem areas it knew about. Probably from fear it would harm a person with a pacemaker or a small child, and they'd get sued. But whatever motive works is fine with us, as long as it protects doggies.

    Mama's rule of thumb: if it's metal, we don't walk on it, period. We're so very sorry about Sammy. What a sad, sad waste.

    Jed & Abby

  10. That is SO sad! Think of all the people and animals that could be hurt by this....uncalled for!