07 December 2010

{06dec2010: Kyjen Toys Review}

In an effort to comfort Darwin after her first day of new day care, I bought a toy from their little retail area.  It was a fleece tug ball:

image via Kyjen
Whenever we go to Friday's house Darwin always digs through Friday's toy box and pulls out her fleece toy so I thought Darwin would have fun with one of her own.  Well she had too much fun with it and it was in pieces within a couple days... in fact there are still pieces in her toy box and strewn about the living room.
Well I contacted Kyjen just to see what this fleecy toy was made out of hoping it was made out of recycled fleece or something.  Darwin LOVED the toy and I'd feel better about buying and letting her shred more if they were recycled and I wasn't totally being a huge landfill contributor.  Turns out they aren't made of recycled fleece, but they did offer to send Dar a toy to review.  We had just received the great prizes from Augie and Ti so I held off on giving Darwin the Kyjen toys for review.

They sent two toys. One was the fleecy bone.  

While it's a fun toy and supposedly good for cleaning your dog's teeth and gums while playing, it didn't hold up very long and by the end of the night was in pieces.  She did like playing with the pieces too though!
The second toy they sent was by far the best.

The invincibles toy boasts that even after the squeakers get punctured they still squeak.  I don't think Darwin has punctured a squeaker yet because it's still squeaking, but maybe she has and it's just really invincible!
I was afraid she'd chew a hole through him, but it's been a few weeks and even through all the eye chewing (though they are felt eyes and not plastic eyes which she seems to rip out quite easily) it's still in one piece.

Here's a quick video of her first reaction to her new toy.

She LOVES the squeakers.  And like I said, it's been a few weeks and it's still holding up and keeps her entertained.  It's length also makes it good for tugging.  
If you're still looking for Christmas gifts for your favorite pup, I'd say the Invincible snake from  Kyjen would be a great gift to find under the tree!
Thanks Kyjen!!!


  1. Mom laughed out loud at that video. So you haven't destuffed it yet? Even after a few weeks? Amazing!

  2. I LOVE the last pikh with the khrossed paws and khoy/innocent look!

    Great post fur toy playing khanines!


  3. Miss M absolutely loves those fleece toys, and they're ok until Mr. B gets ahold of them. We might have to try that snake.

  4. Well, we couldn't see your video, but we're sure it was great. Too bad the first toy didn't last; it color-coordinated so beautifully with your collar. But the second toy seems to be a better choice, if it's lasted three whole weeks. Usually takes us MUCH less time to rip up a toy.

    Jed & Abby

  5. I am so glad to see this!! I just found and bought one of the invincible snakes for Katie as a Christmas present (shhh -- she doesn't know yet). Glad to hear it reviewed well and I am looking forward to the silliness on Christmas morning! Great video!

  6. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up - the snake looks super cool.

  7. I saw that exact first toy while doing some Christmas shopping at the pet store today. It didn't look very durable to me either so I passed on it.

    The invincible snake on the other hand we may have to try. The video says it all!

  8. Yeah, those fleece things just aren't up to a full sized doggie attack. We just got the latest Kong stuffie rope toy thing. That is really fun and intact (so far).


  9. Hee! Hee! Darwin - I love the way you were banging that toy with your paws to make it squeak!

    I have to say - I feel a bit of a "toy wuss" now that I've heard all about your amazing toy-destroying abilities! I don't seem to destroy my toys much at all - well, other than de-stuffing my stuffies ( which I don't do anymore now either, now that I'm a senior doggie) - but I'm never been much of a chewer, never chewed up anything as a puppy (Honest!) and in fact, made my humans really grumpy because they bought me the Xtra-tough versions of everything (being told they had a Dane) and I wouldn't touch them! I have a very soft mouth - and so now they actually buy me the versions for medium sized dogs...! :-)

    I have a couple of those fleecy toys but I haven't chewed them much at all...in fact, I didn't realise you could chew them! :-)

    Oh, and I'm not into squeakers at all either.

    Yeah, I know - my humans say I'm basically weird.

    Honey the Great Dane

  10. The snake toy is pawesome - I would as Momma would say "shake the sh*t" outta it! BOL. I loves shaking toys that hit me.

    woof - Tucker

  11. We love the video of you playing with your snake, was very funny to watch you bashing your leg on it :)

    I wonder if you can get those invincible snakes in NZ?? It sounds like we need to give them a try in our destructive jaws! :D

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes