25 December 2010

{24dec2010: Bffs at the Park}

After Saturday's walk the girls were pretty mellow the rest of the day.  Sunday being Darwin's most favorite day of the week, the girls were eager to get out of the house and go to the park for the weekly Great Dane "convention".  

We ran into this big guy who was quick to check out both Darwin and Friday.

Then another blue girl showed up and a booty sniffing train formed.
We found the rest of the group and Friday introduced herself to the other Danes.
Darwin's Irish Wolfhound friend, Tessa, showed up and the two of them had a blast chasing eachother in the fields.
Winston showed up and wanted in on the Darwin play time action.
Meanwhile Friday was off to the side waiting patiently.

Darwin even got herded by a little Shepherd dog.
After we left the park we stopped at Target  real quick.  Darwin was in the back of the car, Friday was in the back seat. We ran in real quick, and I came back out while Jason paid and where did I find Friday?  In the front seat just hanging out.
When we got home both girls passed out and soon it was time for Friday to get picked up. It was cute and sad, once Friday left Darwin seemed so depressed that her bff was gone.  She was restless and kept going to the door.  We even heard that once Friday got home she wasn't acting like herself and seemed sad to not have Darwin around.  Poor girls.  


  1. This looks like a very fun time. Isn't it funny how we can find our BFF so quickly....and miss them so much....Merry Christmas, my friend.

  2. The Booty Sniffin' Train was funny!

    Winston knew where the fun was!

    Poor Friday - that was khwite the sad look -

    Dar sooooooo looked to be having a blast!

    Happy HOWLidays!


  3. OH my Barks! I am sooo jealous!1 I BUTT SNIFFING LINE!! I soooo want to be there!! you look like you had so much fun!!!

    Slobbers and Happy HOlidays!

  4. I'm always expecting to find Jack in the front seat sometime. I wouldn't be surprised if the car was in the middle of the parking lot when he did it!

  5. How nice to have a best friend like Friday to play with... I have occasional play mates but they are never the same and they all complain about my weight and dimensions.. Than, when they get to know me better they like me but... it is not the same...
    Love the idea of the weekly great dane convention...
    I decided... I want to move and become your neighbour!
    Ciao Lucille