17 December 2010

{16dec2010: UTI}

Last post I mentioned Darwin was acting funny.  She was restless and drinking a lot of water and would yelp or cry out as she was laying down.  I mentioned we Googled bloat, which she didn't seem to match the symptoms of.  I also Googled swallowing bones.  We had given her a knuckle bone on Monday night and she started acting funny Monday around midnight.  Tuesday was a very worrisome day, and Tuesday night she was still acting funny.  It didn't seem serious enough to rush to the emergency vet, so we waited till the morning to call our regular vet.  Sleeping Tuesday night wasn't the best sleep as I was listening to Darwin's every move, and heard her cry out at least twice.  By the time we had to get up I was already thinking should we have taken her to the ER, what if I go out there and she's not breathing, what if, what if... of course when I went out to check on her she was fine and annoyed I was making such a fuss over her so early in the morning.

When  I called the vet they were fully booked but managed to squeeze us in for an afternoon appointment.  We went in and I told them her symptoms and what we were worried about and the vet said she wanted to test Darwin's urine because it sounded like a Urinary Tract Infection.  Of course Darwin had peed right before we left the house so her bladder was empty.  They kept her for a few hours to get a sample and then we picked her up.  They'll call later today with the results of the test, but for now Darwin's on a round of Amoxicillin.  I asked if it could be a piece of bone stuck in her stomach, but the vet said because she's not throwing up and she's eating normally it doesn't sound like its a GI issue... WHEW.
When we got home Darwin was worn out after Tuesday at day care then a few hours at the vet so I took advantage of that and painted one of her nails!
hehehehe.  She was so tired she didn't even budge or try to see what I was doing to her.  Now we both have a matching single sparkley holiday nail.  hehe.


  1. Hi Darwin,

    I hope you are feeling better soon. It definitely doesn't sound like bloat since I've had it I'm familar with it. I love your matching nails!

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  2. oh man, make sure you post about results! very scary indeed. i hate it when pets get sick because it's like we don't know if it's serious or not. ugh.

    and oh how i would LOOOOVE to do that nail painting to RM (Loki)... as if he'd ever let me do that. maybe if he's drugged some day...

  3. I hope it's nothing and that she gets better soon! I love the matching nail by the way...

  4. Unpainted paws khrossed here!

    It does sound UTI like - hope some meds will kikhk it!


  5. Hi Darwin, hope you are feeling better. Love the sparkly nail. Very chic. No worries, love Carol

  6. So scary. I didn't realize a UTI could be so painful, I always thought it was more of an inconvenience. I hope that's all it is. I do like the sparkles.

  7. Most excellent!! I think you should have gone for all the nails!>:o)

  8. I hate not knowing what to do! Doe her vet have any afterhours help? My vet has a service that takes a message and I called on a saturday night and left a message and the vet called me back in less than 30 min so I could describe the problem. It was nice to have a vet tell me it was not an emergency! Hope it is nothing worse than UTI and she is feeling better soon! That nail is very festive yet tasteful!

  9. Darwin..sending lots of airehugs & pawsative vibes for you soon being all better. Make sure you put your paws up.

    OMD...please don't let our hooman get ideas about paintng our nails! Pink ain't Teddys colour.

    Big special nose pokes
    The Thugletsx

    p.s. Just a tip from us..when you are feeling better remember to still look pathetic that way you get lots more treats and TLC!!!

  10. Frightening, but good on you for recognising her odd behaviour and taking her to the vet. Not everything is able to do that. It speaks of your relationship with Darwin.

    I hope the vet is able to figure out what is bothering her and it is something easily cured!

    The nail looks gorgeous. :-)

  11. Hi Darwin,
    how are you girl? Hope you are feeling fine now... Let us know how you are doing ok?
    It is snowing here... I will be throwing snow balls with my human tomorrow morning... not now, my human is too lazy and cold hmph... all these excuses all the time...
    I like your nail, really like it with all those glitters... very fashionable ;)
    Look forward to your news
    Ciao Lucille

  12. Funny how us doggie mom's react to stuff. That was the first thing I did when Remi got poopy was Google bloat and intestinal obstructions. Glad it was a fun day at daycare!