08 December 2010

{07nov2010: daycare}

I was watching the webcam at Doggy day care today and thought I saw Darwin playing.  I quickly messaged Jason "I THINK SHE'S PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (yes with caps lock and exclamation points), but as we watched the camera we realized it was probably the other blue Dane.  

It'd be easier to tell if we remembered to switch out her fancy Greenbelts collar with her cheapy hot pink quick release collar.  I think the day care must have taken off her pink buckle collar and put on a quick release collar because I see two Danes and neither have a pink collar. 
This is about the fourth time to day care and we have yet to see her do much more than stand in the middle of the floor panting or going over to the workers to get petted.  Oh well, at least she can handle standing around with the big dogs.  When we were at the park this past weekend we saw the big blue Dane boy we'd seen once before.  We over heard his owner telling some other people that he "doesn't know how big he is" and has to be in the small/shy dog group at day care (I don't think that has to do with him not knowing how big he is, but that he's very shy and insecure - this is the dog that won't pee anywhere but his own yard).  Poor guy.  


  1. Oh my. I can't imagine having a dog that had to go potty only in one spot. What would you do on a road trip???

  2. I think most khanine khare places switch off khollars so no one gets tangled up playing -


  3. I would love to see a webcam of what our dogs do at daycare. Though I have to ask...I thought blue Danes were very rare...do there happen to be a lot of blue Danes in your area? Or are they just from Darwin's big litter of siblings?

  4. How lovely your day care has a webcam! We have yet to take Shiva but we should as I think she would really enjoy it. I won a couple doggy daycare passes in an auction a few months ago. Maybe we should give it a shot. I'd love it if they had a webcam.

    Darwin may not be playing but she is obviously handling herself very well and isn't just hiding in a corner. Baby steps, right?

  5. Well done Darwin! I have never been to a daycare. I don't know what I would do but I am certain it would involve plowing someone over....ha ha! About this peeing in one place thing. I prefer to wait to do my business in my own yard. I always wait until I get home from my walk to do it. While I am on the road -- anything goes!

  6. Um...not play at daycare! I can't get enough and I love playin with the little dogs :)

  7. Oh Darwin, don't be shy!
    It is a good thing!
    My human wanted to take me to a daycare too .... She does not like leaving me at home all day alone... but there is nothing similar at a reasonable distance!
    You only get the standard "jail" they call pet hotels or worse... and they only keep you if you are going to stay overnight, not only during the day...
    So you should be happy!
    your humans will come and get you in the evening!
    You need to make a friend and than eveything will be fine!
    Ciao Lucille