11 December 2010

{10dec2010: Dorcus}

Having a dog blog has so many perks and can be a great source of laughter, but with it also comes much heart ache.  You get to know so many great dogs (and their owners), and while you may never meet them in person your heart still breaks with theirs when bad news is shared.
The Thuglets just recently said goodbye to Ellie and now just two months later they are saying the same goodbyestoDorcus.

Run free Dorcus!


  1. We got to know eachother's dogs on such an intimate level through blogging, that it is truly heartbreaking when something like this happens. Even though we are all so far away, I know more about these dogs than I do about any dog in my own neighborhood.

  2. Yes...how true!

    We all know it could be us or someday might be us...

    So we support as we can...

  3. Amen. We've only been doing this a couple of months, and it really hurts when one of the blog dogs gets seriously ill or dies. We've all been there, we'll all be there again. Like to think it helps to know there are others who truly understand the pain.

    Jed & Abby

  4. We are still sad about little Dorcus.


  5. I heard about Dorcas recently and it made me sad as well. It is tough saying goodbye to a beloved animal. She will never been forgotten. That's another wonderful thing about pet blogging. Instead of just being missed by her family, she will be remembered by people all over the world.

  6. We wanted to say thank you so much for your post. Your very kind words, thoughts & support on our sudden & tragic loss of Dorcus.

    Time with our dogs is precious time. We have learnt NEVER put off what we can do or say to them today until tomorrow. Sometimes tomorrow does not come!

    You are so right about blogging....we share the laughter and the heartaches.

    Thank you again and also for being special friends.

    Karen & Alan Dorcus's Mum & Dad

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx