23 December 2010

{22dec2010: wordless Wednesday}

Scenes and creatures from Hawaii edition.
{Kona coastline}

{Kona sunset}

{another Kona sunset}
{view from Diamond Head, Oahu}
{surfer at Ehukai beach, North Shore, Oahu}

***By these pictures you'd never guess how freaked out I am by geckos/lizards.  It took much control not to scream out as we were eating lunch as the geckos would climb on the windowsill to eat the honey.  Ugh.  I'm trying to work on my irrational fear of them as to not embarrass Jason like I did when I screamed bloody murder at Machu Picchu  when  a lizard crossed my path.


  1. Hey. We're going to Hawaii in a few months. Maybe you can give tips on places to visit since I've never been there...

  2. It looks so beautiful; I've never been before. I did have to marvel at your geeko pic, it's good you got over your fear to get such a good photo. We always like taking photos of other dogs while we're on vacation.

  3. When where you in Kona? A lady friend of mine that I used to work with (she's retired now) is actually in Kona right now. Her son lives there and she's there for a month visiting....Oh how I would like to be there instead of cold Chicago. Great pics and I love geckos!! We used to live on Guam and they were everywhere you just got used to them.

    Happy Holidays!

    Denise & Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  4. Great pics! Mom hates geckos/lizards too! Can you believe she had to pull one out of my mouth once? :)


  5. Lovely photos! It looks like you had an amazing time!

    I think geckos are adorable. Is that weird?

  6. Wow, Hawai...
    Love them... My human would love to go there...
    Did you meet Magnum PI or Higgins?
    Ciao Lucille

  7. What a fun trip...wish we could go right about now...needing a reprieve from all the snow and fog over here. :)

    Thanks SO much for Nala's gifts! She opened them last night, and boy was she all over those treats!! She was loving them! You must have made them...I even wanted to try them, they smelled so good. ;) Darwin's gift won't get there until after Christmas...sorry, I blame the first trimester pregnancy issues. I haven't felt like doing much of anything let alone shopping the past couple of months. In fact, I did all of my shopping online, but we do have something for Darwin...next good day I have I will get it out in the mail. :)

    Have a WONDERFUL Christmas!
    Amber & Nala