22 December 2010

{21dec2010: Bffs}

The other week we had Friday stay with us again.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning so we thought we'd start the day with a walk around the neighborhood and a stop to get breakfast and coffee.

While Jason was inside the bakery checking out the goods, Friday was making friends with dogs in the neighborhood.

{Hi my bff.}
Even though Jason was dying to get home to watch one of the last weekends of college football, I made us take a detour to this look out to get a picture.
We also stopped at a park to let the dogs get some zoomies out for a little bit.
Even though we've done this walk a ton of times, this time I realized how much I like the fact that we can see the Space Needle while we're out walking.
Happy Holidays from Darwin and Friday!


  1. how cute is that last picture?!!? that could be a great christmas card!

  2. Happy holidays! I agree with the above comment, that last photo is just perfect. It's great when two dogs get along so well.

    That park is gorgeous. It looks like spring there!

  3. Nothing like a best friend to go walking with. The football games will wait.

  4. Hi Darwin, looked like a perfect morning for walking. Did you get a little treat when you stopped for breakfast. Love your photo at the end. No worries, love Carol.

  5. What great pikhs from a fun time!


  6. I loved seeing your scenery; I've never actually been to Seattle. One of the best parts of having dogs is that they make us get out and actually enjoy our city.

  7. We got the mystery package from Darwin today! Remi doesn't get to open it until Christmas (although I peeked at it :) Great minds think alike. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  8. lovely idea to go out on sat morning for breakfast... I like capuccino, need to remind my human it is time we do it again!
    Ciao Lucille