09 December 2010

{08dec2010: wordless Wednesday}

Fun at the dog park edition.

some words:
*That still shot of the video makes Darwin look so vicious!
*The Saint Bernard puppy Darwin was playing with was so cute!  If you listen closely in the video you can hear his teeth chomping away while they play.
*Winston, Darwin's Sibe friend is known as the littlest Dane.  On Sunday's Winston will usually find the group 5 minutes before his parents do and he LOVES playing with Darwin.
*George, the Dane at the end of the video, gets a little too rough when he plays and likes to nip at other dogs booties.


  1. Looks like Darwin was having a great time. The St Bernard Pup is very cute. Hugs to you, Darwin. Cheers, Carol.

  2. I love that Darwin has a gaggle of like-sized dogs to play with. And that is one big pup!

  3. I like the SIBE pikhs of khourse!!!


  4. She may not play at day care but she doesn't have any problem at the dog park! :-)

  5. I wish I could come over to play with you! What fun!

  6. I actually think you play really gently and nicely, Darwin! My human wishes I could be more like you and do that kind of nice mouthy play. Sadly, I'm more like George (although I don't do nipping) - I like to body slam other doggies and put my paw on them and wrestle and push them to the ground - and a lot of doggies don't appreciate it! So now my humans don't let me play with other doggies until they have "assessed" them and can see that they are confident & robust enough to withstand my play style! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  7. I would love if you added a follow button so I could put you in my reader!


  8. Ciao Darwin!
    I am not as nice as you are too... but not as strong as Honey ...
    Anyway, I do scare some owners... even if I never scratched any doggie!!!
    Would love to come and play with you, I am sure we would be great friends!
    PS: I truly like your collar... very nice...
    Ciao Lucille

  9. It's terrific Darwin has such a nice group of friends to play with. And that St. Bernard will get bigger and heavier; maybe George will stop nipping then. We thought Darwin plays very nicely, and every doggie seems to want her attention.

    Jed & Abby