01 December 2009

{24-26nov2009: house & dog sitting}

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!  Hope you all had a great holiday!  We had a lot of things going on last week, so here's part one of our Thanksgiving week adventures.

Tom and his family were going out of town for the week, so we house and dog sat for them which meant Darwin got to spend a few days with her doggy mom and dad!  We got there Tuesday after work and Darwin was so excited to see her dad again.  
While Atlas and Darwin did things like this:

Misty on the other hand was doing things like this:
{Why do they have to play ON TOP of me?!}

And hanging out under the desk in the office with Jason.

While Misty isn't a huge fan of another female in her house, she did seem to enjoy the fact that Atlas had less time to try and mount her (she's fixed now, he's not) with Darwin constantly wanting to play with Atlas.  

Atlas is a big eater.  So we tried to get him and Misty to become apple fans.  Darwin was so eager for her apple treat, and Atlas and Misty were eager to get it... but didn't know what to do with it once they had it.

We eventually had to cut it up for them and then they ate it.  The next night we tried it again with the whole apples, and Misty had figured out that she could eat it whole, while Atlas still needed his cut.  hehe.

On Thanksgiving, we started our day late, but planned to go hiking in the Olympic National Forest.  We didn't think we could handle 3 danes on leashes, so we took Darwin and Misty and left Atlas home.  We drove out to Lena Lake Trail but got there close to 2:30pm so only hiked for a little over an hour before it got dark. 

After we got home, we gave the three dogs a special holiday dinner of raw steak which was quickly devoured.

It was a fun few days with the 3 dogs and it was a good start to our holiday weekend, which I'll tell you about in the next post!


  1. Great pics as always! I looove the one of atlas and Darwin with the toy in their mouth! Looks like a fun holiday ;-)

  2. What a nice day!! Puppies and playing! It seems that everyone had a great time!!

  3. Darwin looks a lot like her doggie dad!

    Looks like fun - Tucker

  4. wow - 3 good looking, pretty similar, huge doggies! This sure must have been a challenge - with 3 dogs!! Great! Love the pics.

  5. Great to see all of you having so much fun together. I really like that bitey face. That's how the big dogs do it, right?

    I am afraid that I am sometimes too attentive to the ladies as well. Sigh.


  6. So sorry we haven't been over for a visit lately. We've been busy. But you look like you've been busy yourselves! THREE BIG DOGS! BIG BEAUTIFUL DOGS I should say.

    I love bitey face action!
    wild dingo