17 December 2009

{16dec2009: Marley and Me}

OMG.  Who's bright idea was this movie?!
You see this cover on the book

and think "aww cute puppy movie."
WRONG.  Well technically it is, but OH jeez!
If you haven't seen it yet, don't!  Or go ahead if you have no heart.
Most movies I'm willing to watch at least once... especially if I like them, I'll watch them over and over again.  This one... goes on the short list of never watching again. 
Man.  I don't think I've cried so much in a long time... ok at least a year and a half.

*update: Many comments are about the lack of training for Marley, which I totally agree with.  My whole thing of not wanting to watch it again was mainly cause it was so sad!  I wonder if I would have found it as sad had I watched it a year ago, before Darwin was in the picture.  I probably would have thought it was pretty sad, but not bawl my eyes out sad.  
For the folks who have read the book, is it worth it do you think to read it now, after I've seen the movie? 


  1. i'm sooo with YOU on this. I hated the movie and not because of the ending! I hated everything about it. phoey. way overrated too. and kinda shows just WTF is wrong with american dog society...no accountablity, no responsiblity and no leadership.

  2. We read the book but opted to pass on the movie. Now we are glad we did. Not even sure we liked the book. Yeah, it was entertaining, but way to much cutifying of bad behavior and humans who don't know how to manage doggies.


  3. We read the book as well and it did make me cry, but I also got very frustrated with the owners. I know they were trying to tell a story and make it entertaining, but I saw behaviors that were easy to address go unaddressed.

    So, unfortunately, I passed on the movie.

  4. hm... I sort of had that on my "to watch" list... but now I most definitely have second thoughts...

  5. Momma says this movie is especially hard for Great Dane owners because of the scary "b" word. It made her cry. Personally, I slept during it .... yawwnnnn....

    woof - Tucker

  6. I read the book (well, listened to audio version) and definitely cried a lot at the end but have not seen the movie. I agree with the earlier comments. I find it sweet and touching that they loved their dog enough to put up with that behavior and even alter their lives around it rather than giving up the dog but was very frustrated that they did not take the opportunity to make it clear (in the book anyway) that it was their own ignorance that created that situation. I think a story of clueless owners could still be entertaining. As someone who works with rescued labs I know the bad wrap they get for being out of control and how many surrenders we get from people who were clueless about how to make the most of their dog. They went to one training class they were kicked out of (fault of owners or trainer not the dog) and never (unless I am remembering wrong) pursued any other options. My moose has some bad dog moments but I know that changing them is only a matter of training. I will say that at least it could be said to send the 'don't give up your dog because it behaves badly' message but think that is unrealistic because most people would think they got a 'bad dog' and take that him to the shelter in real life. :-(

  7. Any time I see a book about a dog, I always turn to the end to see what 'happened'. If what happened is what usually happens at the end of most dog books, I don't even think about reading it. I'm one of the definitely will not watch Marley and Me. The ending of the book was hard enough to make it through.

  8. Im gonna play devil's advocate here! I liked the book, probably for the same reason I still say that I liked "A million little pieces"...it was an entertaining memoir, if not completely applicable to real life.

    Everyone I've heard dislike it cites either the ending or the lack of owner accountability. Although I agree that they really should have trained the dog, I commend their sticking with Marley even though he was terrible (on their accord of course). That is more than most people do!
    As far as the ending goes, I liked it. In the movie anyways, they actually gave a realistic depiction of what happens in a euthanasia...and they showed the owners actually making the choice! Too many dog movies just imply death through some natural forces. Euthanasia is a gift we are able to give, why not depict it?!

    Ok those are my thoughts. Oh, and the book was better than the movie, but when isn't it?! :)

  9. I agree with Crystal on liking the movie for what it was... I just didn't like bawling my eyes out.
    And as for "A Million Little Pieces", it may not have be truly a memoir, but it was still a really good book I thought.

  10. I wondered if I would have reacted the same way too before Nala. I read the book first and bawled during the book...probably more so than the movie but perhaps that is because I knew what was coming. Anyway, I really enjoyed the book and although I cried alot I also laughed out loud numerous times as well. I loved the humor of it.


  11. I heard from everyone how sad the movie was, so I've no plans to watch it. Not that I don't like sad movies, just not sad doggie ones.