05 December 2009

{04dec2009: dog day Friday's}

Our office has reinstated dog day Friday's!  We've had all of Darwin's bffs come through the office and we've been holding off on bringing Darwin in for fear of her crazy hyper puppiness.  She had a full day of daycare yesterday (which is going better... ease to drop off but still has anxiety when 5:00 rolls around) which makes her nice and tired, so we thought we'd give her a half day trial run today.  
I went to get her at lunch and as an extra precaution to keep her calm, I gave her a couple happy traveler pills that we had from last weekend.  I also brought with us her raw bone that was in the freezer to keep her occupied and she's been good so far!  



  1. Bring your dog to work day is great! I bet nobody would mess with my momma during meetings if I was there. AR AR AR! So you were a good puppy, right Darwin?


  2. Hi, I found your blog through Moose's...just checking it out. We have a large dane mix in a small Seattle area apartment as well :)

    Only in Seattle would there be a "bring your dog to work" day...love it!

  3. Oh, I wish I could go to Momma's work with her. But, no doggies are allowed because of medical reasons. They must think my droolies will contaminate things. Oh well.

    woof - Tucker

  4. You are such a lucky girl! Moose is in theory allowed to go to work with me on days when I go to the office (mostly work from home) but he does not like it if I leave him alone in my office even for a second and will bark which is not Kosher. And even when I am there he just seems kinda anxious and bored so it is no good! I really wish he would go for it though b/c there are other doggies that are there and well behaved and it is nice to see! Anyways, you certainly look like you were well behaved! Also I am so happy to hear that you are getting more relaxed about the day care experience. Keep it up!
    p.s. you lay exactly the same way as Moose! I guess it is not that unusual but it is not a very labbie way to lay so it is interesting to see a dane lay the same way!

  5. Glad you got to go to work with your mom again. I love going to my mom's office. I get lots of special treats all day long and get to meet all sorts of people.

  6. oh man... that is a KEEPER job! the only job better is stay home with your dog and work, every day... ooooo ya, we like that job a lot. only i don't get a whole lot done and don't make a whole lot of green paper anymore... sigh. balance.
    Darwin is gonna be a great pup at work and before you know it will show everyother pup the ropes!
    wild dingo

  7. coming to work! Bundy would love that! So much office stuff he could shred to bits and pieces... but definitely b.o.r.ing... after a while...