14 December 2009

{13dec2009: park weekend!}

Saturday:  Westcrest Park
3 way keep away!

10 month old goldendoodle

Friends from Marymoor, Beddis and Kendall

Older merle female, who wasn't that into young Darwin trying to play with her.

Dinky... his poor mom was peed on by some rotweiler. eww.

Darwin, Dinky and Willis!

This is only our second time to this park, but there were a ton of danes there!  Darwin had a blast!  Though she was a little cranky towards the end so we had to leave.

Today we took Darwin to get a Christmas picture with Santa Claws at the Seattle Animal Shelter.  She was surprisingly well behaved, well, she was pretty excited by the other dogs around and being some place new, but she didn't bark at Santa and sat nicely for a photo.  They are supposed to email us a copy so I'll post it later.  I will say it's not as good as Bess and Heffner's but not bad for our first one.
Then we took Darwin out to Marymoor for more play time.
Oscar Darwin and Bella

Bella Oscar Otis and Darwin

This poor dog was dressed in leopard print pj's and a coat.  It was cold out, but I don't know if it was THAT cold!

We also ran into Norman

And on our loop around we ran into him again, and Darwin was chasing him and he ran straight into his mom and knocked her over.  Poor thing.  


  1. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!

  2. We are moving near this park in a few weeks. Im so excited to see that it is a good one. It looks like there are a ton of big dogs too, good for the dane and dane mixes :)

  3. That Santa guy gets around. I saw him on Saturday, too!!

  4. Oh, those little dogs are all the time wearing clothes. I think they are just trying to show off!

  5. What fun! You have sooo many Danes to play with!

    The giveaway results are up!

    Gus and Waldo

  6. I'm pretty sure that was just pretend keep away. ;)