22 December 2009

{21dec2009: Award!}

A big thank you to Bess and Heffner for a new award!  We love reading about all the things you do and all the crazy Christmas cheer your mom puts you through!

We'll pass the award onto a few of our favorite blogs:
We'll start with our first blogging buddy Moose who got us started!
And Jack who always cracks us up with his stories.
And Remi who we really hope we get to meet up for a playdate with soon!
One of our newer friends Juno and Loki who'll be making a BIG move to Switzerland in the coming months.
And finally to Shiloh and Chelsea some of our favorite Danes in Australia!


  1. Thank you Darwin (and parents!)
    I haven't seen this one before! I will tell Jack so that he will be able to tell all his friends!

  2. Aweeeew... shucks...you shouldn't have! (red cheeks)... loki and juno on the other hand have no humility and firmly believe they have the best blog ever. ;)

    wild dingo

  3. Why thanks Darwin! We are so glad you got started and have to look back with a chuckle at your mom saying she did not know if she would keep it up because so far you have been quite a prolific blogger! I know you will keep it up and look forward to watching you grow!