07 December 2009

{27-29nov2009: Thanksgiving weekend part 2}

Once we made it up to Highcamp, we headed to our cabin to get settled in and then set out to explore things before it got dark.

After romping in the snow for a while, Darwin was ready for bed and was more than happy to snuggling on the sleeping bags on the bed.

The camp had no running water or electricity and our heat in the cabin was provided by a wood burning stove.  Darwin had a ball chewing on every piece of kindling she could get to and we had an interesting first night learning how to regulate the heat.  At one point during night one I woke up hotter than I've ever been in my life and then I realized Darwin, who was sleeping at the foot of the bed, was panting like crazy.  During the middle of the night, BB had thrown another log on the fire to keep us warm through the night, but it made it a little too warm and it was like an oven in our cabin.  I had to crack open the door for Darwin and bring her water dish over so she could cool off.  Eventually Jason woke up too and opened the balcony door and we were able to circulate some cold air through the room and cool us all down.  What a night.  


  1. What an adventure! I would love to do something like that with Moose!

  2. Hot! Cold! Just right!