19 December 2009

{18dec2009: update!}

So we took Darwin to daycare today, the second time for the week.  Tuesday's report was that she was pretty much fine til the end of the day, then started getting anxious and stressed out when the other dogs started to leave.  Today we pick her up and the girl sitting at the front said she was a lot better.  Still a bit anxious at the end of the day, but doing better listening to commands.  They had said before they would tell her to sit and she'd run away before coming back to sit.  Today they had someone new in to interview, and she was told to sit and sat right away.  Then a different girl brought Darwin out from the back and was asked us if Darwin listens well to commands.  She said that Darwin hurt her running into her when she told her to sit and that since she's a bigger dog we need to work on that more.  She said that Darwin has done that to multiple people. 
OI.  Darwin.  We know she's a big dog.  We know that she gets very amped up when she goes to daycare.  We know we need to get her to listen consistently when we give her a command.  We've been working on doing short training sessions daily, even with the basic stuff.  But how do we get her to listen to other people consistently?  If they have a treat in their hand of course she'll listen, but when they don't she usually isn't interested. More training.  

In other news.  A big THANK YOU to Remi!  Darwin got a package in the mail today, and so we opened it when we got home.

She could smell something really good in there and was excited to get in there!

There were 2 wrapped packages as well as another bag of cookies and chicken!

Darwin could not wait to get her mouth on the initial treat she smelled though.

It took her a good 15 minutes, and it's gone already.  haha.  The other gifts are under the tree waiting til Christmas to be opened!  Thank you Remi!  Hopefully soon we'll get a playdate in!

OH!  and a big woo hoo and thanks to Juno and Loki over at Wild Dingo.  We were the winner of their contest for guessing they were moving to Switzerland!  How exciting for them!  And the most exciting part for Darwin, she won a pair of Juno Belle jodhpurs!

I think she looks pretty good with jodhpurs.


  1. Cool Prizes. Don't worry about the sitting thing, she'll get it - Just keep working at it. It's hard to realize there is a baby brain in the big body! Also, sitting I believe is a Dane's least favorite thing to do. Check out the floor at daycare, is it slippery? If so, ask them to have her sit on mat or such it's much easier. Also, we've noticed Tucker is a "flight" he won't sit if he is nervous....

    -- Tucker's Momma

  2. wow those pants... well... they'll keep you warm, I guess..:o)))
    and don't you just hate it when people sort of patronizes you about your dog... even if they're right... I know I do... and Bundy is for sure the "what's in it for me " type: no treats, no reaction to commands..

  3. Those jodhpurs will keep your hiney warm for sure.

    Now I know that you are very bouncy, but really, the daycare people should know better and not be getting hurt by your bouncy self. Surely they can read your body language. Humph.


  4. I came to check out the winner! So it's you, Darwin. Way to go. My mom's drooling right now. She has a "thing" for large breeds. I don't empathize. I'm tiny and large dogs tend to step on me.
    Pleased to meet you,

  5. I am going to take Darwin's side on the running into people. I've seen people at the dog park oblivious to the dogs that are running around there - and then they act surprised when one of them runs into someone. I think if a dog s were running around me, I would know to prepare myself.

    I also get really bothered by parents who bring small, young children to the dog park. The dogs just see them as more playmates.

    Anyway, 15 minutes is good for a treat. And Darwin looks happy. That's reward in itself!