11 December 2009

{27-29nov2009: Thanksgiving weekend part 4}

After some snowshoeing and warming up by the fire, we decided to use the rest of our time sledding!
Darwin wasn't sure what was going on, but had a lot of fun following people up the hill and running in front of them on the way down.
{Where are you guys going!?}

{What are you doing?!}

{Ahhh!  They're after me!}

{Go BB! I'm right behind you!}

{Uh oh, Mom's turn, Friday come help me supervise}

{Don't worry Mom I'm right herrreeeee!}

{Let's try this again... woo hoo!}


{Everything under control up here?}

{Dad's turn, don't worry Dad, I'm coming!}

{I think I see someone who needs my sledding supervising!}

{This way, follow me!}

{You ok there Dad?  I'm right here behind you just in case!}

After a fun sledding session it was time to load up the snowmobiles and sleds and head back to our cars. 
Friday once again was a breeze on the snowmobile, quite content to be there.  Darwin on the other hand, not so much.  She was better than her ride up, but still not willing to jump up on her own. 

After getting her settled it was time to head down and back to the real world.  A fun filled weekend and something we'd be willing to do every year!


  1. What fun to chase the sled monsters down the hill. Such a great adventure for all of you.


  2. Wow! you guys do the coolest things with your dogs! way to GO! it's so good for them to get over being afraid of anything. even sleds and snow mobiles! GREAT JOB Darwin!
    wild dingo