11 December 2009

{10dec2009: BGA}

Bad Girls Anonymous.
Hi, my name is Darwin and I'm a bad girl.
My parents thought since I didn't have a play date today, that a night out at Jabu's would be a fun treat for me.  We had a short play session down in the garage to get some craziness out of me and then walked there from home.  Even though it was super cold out and I haven't been listening well, I did a really good job walking nicely to the bar even passing strangers and other dogs.  When we got there I was pretty excited cause Robin and BB were there, and my bff, Friday.  I was pretty crazy for a bit but soon I was calm enough to not be too obnoxious.  
After everyone else had eaten they decided to play games on this little table (Ms. Pacman, Jason's favorite).  Then this handsome little 5 year old golden came in (off leash!)and Friday and I were in LOVE.  He really looked like Maxdog of South Africa but I knew it couldn't be him since he lived so far away.  The people working at the bar said Friday and I could be off leash with him as long as we were well behaved.  Friday was the most playful I've ever seen her, and I was my usual goofy gal, trying to get his attention.  He didn't pay much attention to either of us, but was happy to get pets from Mom and Robin.  
After a bit it was time for us to leave, and we didn't realize the door was left open, so as soon as Dad put my coat on I dashed outside to say bye to Friday before Mom or Dad got to put my leash on.  Dad ran out after me and I thought we were playing chase so I ran across the street!  Robin and BB and Dad and Mom were out there yelling at me to come and to stop and I was thinking "woo hoo!  Look at me hiding on the opposite side of the street!"  Dad ran over and soon BB and Mom were there too...Dad ran up to me so I ran towards Mom thinking I could out-manuever her to get away (as cars were coming from down the street), but I forgot Mom was smart and put the pinch collar on me before we left the house!  Out smarted again (I'd shake a fist at her if I could)!  Mom quickly grabbed me, and managed to grab just enough skin and collar to pinch and I yelped in pain and stopped in my tracks.  She put my leash on me and her and Dad both scolded me, and though I don't know exactly what I did I knew I was in BIG trouble.  Mom crossed the street to say bye to our friends, and shortly after Dad and I joined them.  As we started walking home Mom said SHE wanted to hold my leash and I knew for sure a cute face wasn't going to get me out of this one.  We walked home and I tried to be on my best behavior... walking at their side, no pulling and hardly any stopping to sniff around.  No no, I know, when Mom gets this upset with me, I better watch out.  
Hopefully I remember this in the morning and she forgets that I was a really BAD girl....


  1. Oh dear Darwin! Moose does that all the time and it gets me so upset. We have been working on ALWAYS coming (as opposed to sometimes coming) when called but it is slow going. He knows what he is supposed to do, just does not want to. I am glad you got caught by your mom and not by a car (gasp! My biggest fear when Moose gets out!). Moose is incredibly good at dodging me with my hand inches away from his collar so when he is doing that and I am really worried about traffic or something I sit quickly on the ground and he comes to investigate then we have a huge happy party while I grab his collar. This is all rather silly but when you are really worried about getting them fast give it a try. Sooo glad it turned out ok. I know that panic feeling! Ugggh! Glad you had fun before that though.

  2. Hey Darwin
    Nice to meet you.Your outing sound outrageous! Did you take any pictures? Thanks for the mention.

  3. uh uh, Darwin.. but you know your mom ( and dad) only get angry with you because they love you so much.. I can only imagine the horror they must have felt when you were goofing around in the streets and cars moving in fast...

  4. Yeah, bit trouble when you make a jail break. Totally freaks the humans out. Try not to do that again, OK?


  5. oh Darwin you must be careful on the street--take it from me, and oh yeah--i think we thought you were a boy--hehehe sorry about that!!!

  6. Oh darwin, darwin, darwin...sigh...darwin... Loki did this to us ONCE... i never knew chasing a dog would be the worse thing you could do to get a dog back to you... oh but it's so hard for mom's to resist the chase when they are scared out of their freakin' mind! Loki pulled this move and we had to stop traffic in a busy /fast, but country road. most folks were kind. we were beet red faced.

    we fenced our property (we live in the woods so you can't even see the fence to our driveway) to stop this but we also taught him NEVER EVER to go through a doorway unless invited. In or out. period. And we've worked madly on recalls and we finally have a decent one, however when the distraction is SUPER high (someone driving down our driveway) it can take 2 or 3 times before he comes. still...

    darwin, you are not alone in the bad girls club. go visit my bad girl Juno and women who love bad dogs: http://www.wilddingo.com/2008/09/03/bad-dogs-and-the-women-who-love-them/