24 December 2009

{23dec2009: calendars!}

Since we got Darwin in February of this year, I decided to make a little 2010 desktop calendar documenting her first year... each month was represented by a picture of her taken in the month of 200, except for January of course, that was just a really early February picture.
Here's what it looked like (click the image to make it bigger):

It's funny to see her growth over a 10 month period, especially since we fostered her from 5 days old, it's just something you don't usually get to experience.

Since her two bff's parents are our good friends, I also made a bff version with pictures I've taken of the three dogs:

Here's what the bff one looks like on my desk!

(Sorry it's a bit dark, we're trying to be "green" in the office and not have every light on if they don't need to be.)


  1. And I thought my calendar was cool. This is awesome! Even July is awfully cute. Love it :) Darwin sure has grown a bit, huh?

  2. Isn't it amazing to see how fast they grow?! May is my favorite :)

  3. How did you choose just one picture for each month? You've had so many great pictures!

  4. Awesome! I make a calendar of Nala every year too for my husband. Did you do yours yourself or did you have it put together somewhere else? That BFF calendar is a great idea...I should do that for Nala's friends too! Their owners would LOVE it!