08 December 2009

{07dec2009: 10 months!}

Today is Darwin's 10month old birthday!

She got a new raw bone to celebrate.

Last night we set up the Christmas tree.  We went for a really small one this year since our place is small... plus we weren't sure how Darwin would be with a Christmas tree.  After 5 minutes of decorations being on, she pulled off a snowflake to chew.  OI.  So after being scolded she sat on the chair and pouted that the ornaments weren't chew toys.

Right before bed I caught her posing like this:
{Who me?!  I would never touch anything on the Christmas tree!}


  1. Baby Gate!! I would be scared to think what would be left of our tree if Jack could get to it when I wasn't around! :)

  2. I simply won't believe Darwin would do anything wrong! Aside from the picture of her looking slightly guilty there is (as always) a suspiscious lack of photographic evidence to substantiate these charges! ;-)
    really though, she is quite restrained for a 10mo old puppy! Such a good girl! I don't put up a tree (very bah humbug) so I am not sure what moose would do but unless he was already taught by his first family to leave it alone, I suspect the ornaments would be very tempting. Of course his tail would do the most damage, no competition!
    Happy 10mo Birthday too!

  3. Ruh roh, most tempting. That is why ours goes on a table far out of reach. Bummer. Master says every year he wants a BIG on the floor tree, but momma says, "oh no, too much danger for the Mango." As if.


  4. oh yes, the folded paws and the half closed eyes move, a good one..:o)
    Bundy is alwaýs very discreet whenever "tasting" our decorations etc. when we are in the room - I dare not think what it would look like if he was left alone with a decorated tree...

  5. Darwin those snowflakes do kind of look like doggie toys. I got in trouble for bomping an ornament with my nose. Momma lets me sniff the tree but I can't touch the decorations. You have to be good from now to Christmas in order for Santa to bring you gifts. I'm currently being an angel and then on Decemeber 26 I'm gonna be bad again. I think it's a pretty good plan.

    woof - Tucker

  6. Darwin--you are so beautiful and your coat is so sleek and healthy looking! great pics!

  7. Hi Darwin Friend! I don't belive that you would be taking ornaments off the tree. I bet it was your parents and they just blamed it on you. You are too pretty to do things like that!