24 December 2009

{21dec2009: prizes!}

Darwin's prizes from the Wild Dingo contest came on Monday!  She got a Planet Blue Dog Chase It skunk toy and Salmon treats!  As soon as she saw the toy she wanted to play.  There isn't enough room in the condo for her to actually chase the skunk and the weather outside wasn't really nice enough to play outside with it, so I took the skunk off the wand part and let Darwin play with it thinking she can get attached to the skunk so when we do play with it on the wand she'd be really into it.  She loved the skunk.

But then we noticed she loved it too much.  We turned around and she had done this:

See that, that's skunk fuzz everywhere and skunk squeeker on the side.
{What's the problem?}

She managed to sever his tail and pull the squeeker out from there.
{My skunk}

Jason wasn't happy about the mess and promptly threw the skunk away (booo).  But Darwin did get to enjoy one last part of him.


  1. Awwww! If she is anything like Moose the damage and mess only goes along with the initial de-squeaking of it and Moose will continue to play shake and tug with it for a long time after and maybe occasionally pull another chunk off from time to time. I used to throw them away too but then discovered he still played with the 'pelts'!

  2. Threw it away!?! The horror!

    The pelts are the best for shakies and killies. Mom always laughs when I keep killing the stuffies, even after they are long dead.

    Don't worry, Darwin...maybe your pawrents will learn that someday.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. see, i love the stuffless stuffies because they aren't messy. you can use another stuffless stuffy on the wand when it's nicer outside.

    glad you had fun with it!
    wild dingo

  4. It was fun while it lasted. Sigh.