03 November 2009

{01nov2009: goofy girl & dane days}

Must've been Halloween and the full moon, but Darwin was acting like a goof this weekend.  Saturday night after her Marymoor nap, she was hamming it up on her bed.

{you can see the big gap between her canines and back teeth almost in this one}

Then on Sunday, she was still pretty pooped from play time on Saturday, and decided this was the most comfortable way to snuggle up to me.

We headed out to Marymoor later and Darwin found her first German Shepherd boyfriend, a 11 month old named Max.

And of course she got some time with the dane group.


  1. Aw, you silly little thing, all cute and goofy.


  2. Love how she's cuddling with you like that. Adorable!

  3. Smile, youve done it now... Darwin will move into your bed full time (grin)