05 November 2009

{04nov2009: step-siblings!}

Big news today, Darwin has new step-siblings!  Darwin's dad, Atlas, was the stud for another family's dane and their litter was born today!  So far we've heard (through Tom) that six puppies have arrived so far.  Here are some pictures of the first three!

Darwin would look so cute with a blue merle brother!  Maybe in a few years when we have a bigger house.... hopefully. :(


  1. What cute little puppers! I hope you get a brother when you are old enough.


  2. Oh tooo cute... the poor mum looks well and truely over pregnancy (boy do I know that feeling).. I never planned on two Danes but Im glad we did... I wish I had a farm then Id get a boy too... but for now, cost and size prevents us... nice dream though

    I just loooooooove puppy breath...

  3. Oh, those cute little guys are making Dad want another one..but Mom says two is enough, for now at least.

  4. What exciting news!!! Congrats to all of you!!! There is very few things more special than births...

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