14 November 2009

{184 days old}

A week after our office summer picnic, Sydney and her (sort of) sister London came out to Marymoor to meet up with the dane group.  

We tried to get Darwin and Sydney to sit for a family picture, but of course they didn't want to cooperate very much.

{Sydney to the left, Darwin on the right}

When we saw her the week before, they were both barky and growly trying to assert their dominance over eachother.  At the park they finally were able to see who was queen bee, and once that was established they could run and play.

Darwin even got some play time in with London.

A mastiff puppy, Samwise, came to join in the fun too.

Darwin's bff Juneau showed up too!

Here's a short video of London Sydney and Darwin running through the grass.


  1. Nice to see another mastiff doggie. You, Miss Darwin, are very silly.


  2. Looks like my two this afternoon.. Chelsea goes hyper in long grass..

    How old is Darwin now.. she seems to have Chelseas build rather than boofy Shilohs..lol